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5 Common Question-Answers by the Best Astrologer in Kolkata

5 Common Question-Answers by the Best Astrologer in Kolkata

Whether you’re a faithful astrology enthusiast, a casual horoscope reader, or an all-out intellectual or non-believer, you’ll learn one thing from the best astrologer in Kolkata, Dr. Sohini Sastri is a professional astrologist, psychic. Her experience in astrology has cultivated a profound understanding of signs and planets, and she has honed a career giving meaningful interpretations of individuals’ charts. the entire conversation with Marilyn couldn’t possibly have work among the walls of 1 article. it had been charming, meandering, and honestly piqued this astrology skeptic’s interest.



Assuming a reader is a total novice, are you able to explain astrology in your own words?

Astrology is the study of the planets and therefore the stars overhead at the exact moment of your birth, said by the best astrologers of India . There are twelve imaginary lines known as houses that an astrologist superimposes onto the night sky, then the planets and stars fall in numerous houses, and that’s what we glance at. At totally different geographic locations, it’ll shift quite a bit. They keep finding new facets that play into the charts. Each four minutes, the chart changes. whereas astronomers simply read and study the stars and planets, we discover deeper meaning.


If 2 individuals are born on the same day at identical times within the same location, their charts are the same, however the outcomes can differ. Say, for example, 2 individuals in India are born — one poor and one wealthy — among four minutes, they’re going to experience their highs together (maybe the poor finally gets a good job and therefore the wealthy one inherits his dad’s company) and their lows along.


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Can you make a case for what each planet rules in your own words?

Sun is the most significant of the chart, and it rules expressions of can power and vital men in your life. Moon rules the female aspect of yourself, your emotions, and therefore the most significant girls in your life. Mercury however you think that and communicate … it’s the conscious mind. Venus is love, money, possessions and self-worth. Mars is energy and how it’s used; work, sex, anger, war.


Jupiter is however you expand, good luck, education, wherever you may over-do things like overspend, drive too quick, etc. Saturn is the teacher — it’s destiny, structure, each of the body and of the house. Uranus brings freedom above everything, know-it-all brilliance, the concept of know-it-all and differentiation. Neptune is concerning dreaming, psychic intuitive skills, spirituality, drugs, disease, alcohol, addiction. Pluto is cash, power, death, sex, endings, beginnings.


And currently we’ve got a new one, Eris, try to get ahead or compete, “I can’t take any more of this, and that i am progressing to build a change”-type of thinking — however not invariably in a careful approach as things may get out of hand. therefore all of those planets fall somewhere on your chart. Planets are just like the actors, and the signs are just like the clothing they placed on — however they act it out.


What are a couple of common misconceptions you hear about astrology?

Some people worry that I’m into witchcraft, and that they say that what I do is “of the devil.”

So many have read generalized information about their sun sign, however that’s solely the tip of the iceberg. Most of the people are novices and haven’t any understanding of astrology aside from their sun sign. That’s modified a touch bit since currently such a lot is discoverable on the web.

People think that astrologers assume everything is fate, however we have a tendency to don’t believe that! It’s a cycle, and it’s concerning the time of the cycle, but not an outcome, necessarily.



How much of life does one believe is fate vs. free will?

Earth is that planet of free will, and that i believe free will. The birth chart is that the blueprint of your life, however there are such a lot of variations that will be correct. I will see the progressions and transits through the stages of your life, and that they can tell you what time it’s, however they don’t tell you exactly how to work that information. I feel there are so many ways that your chart will compute, and it may be therefore terribly different for every person.



What is the most powerful or helpful issue concerning astrology?

I believe it provides you a far better understanding of yourself and others, and it at once causes you to be a lot more tolerant of individuals. It shows you ways totally different. We have a tendency to all are. We all have totally different qualities and skills. Associates in Nursing Aries won’t sit still. but maybe a Pisces can sit there and listen. we are all otherwise equipped to handle what comes our way.


Some detach, some cause you to assume they’re doing the correct issue on the other hand don’t, others can dive in and step in, and others are stubborn. Your equipment is totally different from others’. It doesn’t build one unhealthy. The famous astrologer in Kolkata said that the, Astrology is also such good timing devices to know when to do something and when not to do something. Like a green light or red light.

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