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According to the famous astrologer in India, The Moon in astrology stands for our emotions, intuitions, and subconscious reactions, as well as our mental health and well-being. The way these emotions and feelings are expressed in the mood of the day will alter as the Moon transits through each sign of the zodiac. In contrast to how we could feel when the Moon is in Aries, how we might feel when the Moon is in Cancer will be different.


Aries: You’re used to having clear-cut, straightforward emotions, but during the Cancer Moon transit, your emotions could be all over the place, especially when it comes to family issues. This is not going to be a very fruitful few days at work because the water energy of Cancer can also temper your flamboyant Aries excitement.


Taurus: You may find it difficult to keep up with your emotions during a Cancer Moon transit, and as a result, you may find that you unintentionally offend others. Writing in a notebook is an effective technique to manage your shifting emotions because this Moon transit impacts your communication zone.


Gemini: You are forced to face emotions that you have been putting in the “too hard” box in your head by the Cancer Moon transit. It may feel as though your emotional stability is being questioned, which can make the next few days uncomfortable. Fortunately, you are used to the energy shifting swiftly.


Cancer: These few days serve as your emotional foundation for the month as the Moon transits your sign. Openly expressing your emotions will seem liberating and therapeutic to you, and you won’t care if others disagree with you or not.

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Leo: Your hot passion combines with the watery influence of the Cancer Moon to create a sizzling, steamy mixture. This transit can be quite intense for your love life, but it can also make you doubt your talents for a moment and make you second-think your intentions.


Virgo: Worry is your worst enemy while the Moon is in Cancer. During these few days, particularly in your social life, all kinds of nebulous concerns and what-ifs may hold you back. Use the positive moon Cancer energy to do something, as predicted by the Best Astrologer in Kolkata. Take on one of those concerns, step outside of your comfort zone, and go for it nonetheless — now is a great time to show yourself that you are stronger than you realise.


Libra: You may spend a lot of time during these few days assisting others because the Cancer Moon brings out your generosity. However, Cancer energies are also surprisingly cunning and businesslike, so now that the Moon is in your career sector, it’s a terrific moment to get forward at the office.


Scorpio: Your feelings may be especially strong when the Moon is in Cancer, a sign that is also ruled by the element of water. Because you’re preoccupied with life’s major questions, you could ignore or even disregard the little things. You can better prepare for what might be overreactions on your part if you anticipate this emotional onslaught.


Sagittarius: A cancer Honesty is required during the lunar transit, which is a characteristic of Sagittarius. Although you might handle this transit better than some other signs, be understanding of those close to you who may find the rawness of it challenging. Working on jealousy or intimacy problems now, or seeking counselling in those areas, is an excellent idea.


Capricorn: You can more easily get into the passionate, romantic energy of the Cancer Moon because it is transiting your love zone. However, the moodiness of the Cancer Moon is foreign to you, and on some days, you can be left wondering what the heck is wrong with you. Concentrate on the good and express your love for someone in poems or sincere notes.

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Aquarius: You find it difficult to navigate the shifting emotional terrain when the Moon is in Cancer because Aquarius is such an emotionally aloof sign. However, if you exercise prudence, this moon transit might help you accomplish a lot of work because it will sharpen your attention and concentration.


Pisces: The cardinal energies of Cancer help you make more sense of what you feel, so your often raging emotions may settle down a little when the Moon is in Cancer, according to the famous astrologer in Kolkata. Pisces has a lot of creative energy right now, and a sudden mood change can make you more impulsive than usual.

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