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Astrology in Buddhism across East Asia

Astrology in Buddhism across East Asia

According to the top astrologer in India,Lord Buddha discouraged the study and practice of Astrology as thought it would detract from the spiritual path he asked his disciples to follow. However, astrology eventually became a part of Buddhism across various countries and cultures in East Asia.


The Early Buddhist Attitude Towards Astrology :

Although Buddha did not expressly prohibit the use of astrology, he was opposed to it. He believed it would impede from his followers’ spiritual search, their attempt to achieve Nirvana. Only those who are concerned about the future should ask questions concerning tomorrow. Buddha emphasised the importance of being present in the moment, seeing the past and future as unreal.

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Humans, on the other hand, are wired to be curious about the future. As a result, every civilization had its unique method of generating forecasts. As Buddhism spread across Asia, Indan Astrology followed behind, influencing a wide range of nations.The art and science of reading the stars and predicting the future gradually assimilated with Buddhism.


Astrology Buddhism Definition :

The illusory aspect of time was highlighted by Lord Buddha, who advised his pupils to quit worrying about the future. Astrology is the study of the future and past, and it can help you predict what will happen in the future. This keeps you from focusing on the present moment and leads to future speculation, which is contrary to Buddha’s advice.


How Astrology Became an Accepted Part of Buddhism :

Buddhism adopted astrology into its texts gradually, in all East Asian countries. While countries like China had its own astronomy and astrology systems, Buddhism brought Indian Jothisha to that country.


In China, the people and the Emperors were already using calendars and almanacs, and tracking cosmic events to make predictions. They had the Lifa and Tianwen which correspond to calendar science and the study and interpretations of cosmic events respectively.


The Practice and Importance of Astrology in China :

According to the famous astrologer in Kolkata, When Buddhism first arrived in China. Along with it arose the Vedic astronomy and astrology system. Many of the elements of Indian astronomy and astrology were adopted into Chinese traditions. The empire engaged officials to study the sky and provide recommendations to the emperor based on celestial happenings during the reign of the Eastern Han Dynasty.


The duties of the Court Astronomer are detailed in a history of the Han Dynasty (The Later Book of Han). The court astronomer’s job, according to this book, was to study the stars, cast the calendar for each year, report on favourable days and times, terrible omens, and other related tasks. For his services, he was compensated well.


As for Astrology in Buddhism related texts, early religious texts had some limited references to astrology. They stressed on the idea of using these only as a tool for certain benefits they provide. However, later Buddhist texts freely referenced and used astrology without any explanation or excuse. Thus, Buddhism gradually embraced astrology, since it was an integral part of all cultures in Asia.


The Relevance of Astrology in Buddhism :

Buddhism also believes that humans and the Universe are inextricably linked. As a result, many Buddhists think that cosmic events have the capacity to influence their personal lives. As astrology is all about reading cosmic occurrences and predicting how they will affect our own lives, it has a place here.


Uses of Astrology in Buddhism :

Understanding your personality allows you to gain a better understanding of your strengths and flaws. You can then try to eradicate undesirable traits and focus your thoughts on a higher aim, such as achieving Nirvana. This basic self-study is crucial to some people, and astrology can help.


Astrology also aids in the understanding of a person’s potentials, abilities, likes and dislikes, and so on. Because every parent wants to know about their children’s future possibilities, casting a natal chart has become a widespread practise. Many individuals feel that by employing astrological forecasts, they may help their children acquire the proper traits and talents.

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There are a variety of reasons why astrology has been included into Buddhism over the years. For starters, it was a practise that could be applied across cultural and geographic boundaries. Second, it was a handy tool for making calendars and setting dates for special occasions, through the eyes of the best vedic astrologer in India. Third, it supplied future projections as well as advice for counteracting negative impacts. This helps to alleviate concerns about the future. Third, it might help you with your spiritual search by providing character profiles and a greater awareness of one.

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