Best Astrologer in India Discuss About the Houses Responsible for Owning a Business

Best Astrologer in India Discuss About the Houses Responsible for Owning a Business

In this world, everybody has to create own identity and should have the capability of earning their own living. At present, apart from obtaining jobs, the trend of business among the people of all sections of the society have also increased in a drastic manner.


In order to receive the best guidance, people often visit the best astrologer in India so that they can guide them on the correct path of their career.

best astrologer in India

Let us learn about some of the important planetary combinations that are being responsible for the source of income that they can analyze through the birth chart of the native.


It has been noted by the bets astrologer that 2nd, 7th and 9th house in a horoscope are being analyzed in order to determine the possibility of outstanding amount and also about running a business. If the planetary conditions of the above-mentioned houses are benefit in their nature and support the ascendant in the 10th house, then they say that the native is likely to own a business.


The house that is stronger on the birth chart of the native will actually rule the business. Similarly, Mercury is regarded as the main planet behind the running of the successful business. If Mercury in the 7th, 2nd, the 11th or 10th house is strong or is connected with the lord of 10th, 9th or 2nd house in the horoscope, then the individual will be inclined towards owning a business.


Also, on the other hand, there are houses and planets that are not at all compatible to each other or if the 2nd house is afflicted with malefic, then the native will either get into small scale business or will not be interested in owning one.

best astrologer in India

In the same manner, if the lord of 2nd house is situated in the ascendant and Mercury is in a good position, then the native will start a business at a very early age.

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