The Best Astrologer in Kolkata Explains How 10th House Affects Your Career?

The Best Astrologer in Kolkata Explains How 10th House Affects Your Career?

Astrology is at present regarded as a science and the astrologers often work as magicians and predict the future to the person. Judging the horoscope and choosing the career options ultimately helps the people to gain success in life.


In the recent times, career is the most important topic that is being discussed by people almost of all ages. It is better for the young generations to visit the best astrologer in Kolkata before choosing their right career option.


The best astrologer can only predict the correct career option by judging the birth chart, the planetary positions and also the mentality of the person. Astrology is a science that deals with the different planets and their actual positions in the life of the human beings; therefore they are aware of the effects of the planets.Until and unless, the correct career option is being chosen by a person, he/she will not be able to attain success in life.

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Let us go through the various houses of astrology that are actually responsible for the success in career:


Sun or Surya: This particular always represents strength and power and the people with a powerful Sun will help them to enter in a government job, Administrative officer, Ministers, Consultant, Dealer of Gems stones etc.


Mercury or Budh: The owner with strong Mercury does have the high probabilities of instructing other people and eventually doing the entire work. They can become an accountant, cashier, bank officers or clerks, astrologer, poet, printing press owners, consultant, broker, teacher, supervisors, PRO, etc.


Mars or Mangal: Mars is a planet that symbolizes the power and creativity of a particular person. The people with a strong Moon do have the probability of becoming Police or army man, Security Officer, Sportsman, butcher, Dealers of acid, dealer of explosive and fireworks, surgeon and dealer or instruments.


Moon or Chandra: A strong effect of Moon can make a person join the navy, become a dealer of the sea products, transporter via waterways, nurses, sailors’ captains and so on.


Jupiter or Guru: The owners with a strong Jupiter are very wise, knowledgeable and intelligent. These people tend to stay attached to the education or religion. It makes a person seer, Saints, Monks, Professor, Minister, a great knowledgeable person of science and scriptures etc.


Saturn or Shani: Saturn is a house that is being looked upon as the house of benefit. If the Saturn enters into the tenth house of a person then he or she will get tremendous benefit. The various types of career options are oil business, dealer of wine, alcohol, spirit, Wood and stone dealer, Herbs, medicines, Tea garden plantation, placement work etc.

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Venus or Shukra: This particular house is one of the favorites among the film stars as a Venus in the tenth house represents glamour world like the different film industries. It helps to make a career in jewelry business owner, Cosmetics dealer, Designer, Model, Owner of cold storage, automobiles, Vehicles etc.


Rahu or Dragon: According to best astrologer in Kolkata when Rahu enters the tenth house of a human being then it helps a person to become a magician, Astrologer, Hypnotist, Wine dealer, circus men, wireless worker, traveling person etc.


Ketu or Dragon Tail: Although Rahu and Ketu are pronounced together for any cases, Ketu makes a person para-science researcher, astrologer, palmist, occult science researcher, foreign trader etc.

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