Guidance from the Famous Astrologer in India on How To Enrich Your Political Career?

Guidance from the Famous Astrologer in India on How To Enrich Your Political Career?

In the recent times, people from all sections of the society visit the famous astrologer in India in order to gain success in life. Among the many, there are the politicians, the rulers and the representatives of the mass who actually look upon the well being of the people.


Nowadays political ruler is also a great profession that helps a person to gain fame, popularity, respect and most essentially the power. Before joining the political career, it is important to visit the famous astrologer and judge the birth chart so that the astrologer can detect the planets and houses responsible for the success in the field.

famous astrologer in India

Let us go through some of the important planets that are responsible for the political career:


Sun: Sun is the planets that always represent superiority, powerlessness, and kingship. The people who belong to the political atmosphere do have a strong effect of Sun in his/her birth chart. Sun can have the effect on anywhere, be it in the own house or around the other friendly plates. The effect of Sun remains the same as always. In order to become a successful political leader, a strong effect of the Sun is therefore very much essential.


Jupiter: Jupiter is being regarded as the planet of success and wise nature. So the person with a strong Jupiter can be a successful politician.


Mars: Referred as the planet of wars, quarrel, and courage, Mars actually supplies the fighting spirit of the person. It also gives the leadership quality of a person that makes the person moves ahead in his/her life.


Moon: Moon always represents the strength and mentality of the person. Combined with Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury, the person becomes eventually popular and one of the leading politicians in the recent times. The Strong position of the moon also helps the person to rule on the people and collect a number of votes from the voters.


Venus: Venus represents the power of harmony among the people and it plays a very vital role in the field of politics. This particular planet always helps to receive votes from the number of voters.

famous astrologer in India


Saturn: A politician needs to be calm and the mentality should always be cool in order to stick to the field of politics. Saturn adds the calmness and shrewdness that gives the administrative power to all the people.


Mercury: Mercury is the planet of speech. A good political leader needs to be good in delivering speeches in all the gatherings of the party. Before the poll, the leaders need to console the voters with various needs. With a great position of Mercury, the person can handle all the fields with peace and intelligence. Mercury in all cases actually helps the leader to maintain popularity and fame among the crowd.


Rahu and Ketu: Always pronounced together, these two planets are actually the two parts of the moon. Nowadays it is a trend among most of the politicians that illegal issues are ruling the party instead of the legal ones. In such cases, Rahu and Ketu have a great effect. This is carefully crafted and holds the thought of famous astrologers in India.

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