Know Your Palm from The Best Astrologer in Kolkata

Know Your Palm from The Best Astrologer in Kolkata

In the present times, people often do visit the best astrologer in Kolkata in order to be aware of their future and taking adequate precautions to save themselves from the unwanted issues. The astrologers do predict not only the future but also say about the past and present of their clients through various means, out of which palmistry is one of the most ancient forms of knowledge.


The best astrologer can easily read all the character traits and the personality features of a person through the lines of the palm.

best astrologer in Kolkata


Let us go through some of the important lines of palmistry:


Heart Line: The heart line lines horizontally across the upper part of the palm. A long heart line denotes idealistic and dependent on a partner while a short heart line represents the self-centeredness of a person.


Head Line: The headline is being placed right in the middle of the palm headline representing intellect and reasoning. A long headline represents ambitious in nature while a short headline speaks about an intelligent and intuitive person.


Life Line: The placement of the lifeline is in the middle of the lower palm that begins somewhere between the thumb and index finger and goes down towards the wrist. A long lifeline represents good health and vitality while a broken line means lots of struggles and losses.

best astrologer in Kolkata


Fate line: Also known as the Destiny line is being located at the center of the palm that is a vertical and slanted line dividing the palm into two halves. The fate line actually indicates the ease or the challenges that a person faces in his/her life and in a career.


Love line: Most wanted and the most favorite of all the lines, denotes the marriage lines too. These lines are short and are found on the side of the hand underneath the pinky.

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