Planetary Impact On Career Graph in the Eyes of Best Astrologer in Kolkata

Planetary Impact On Career Graph in the Eyes of Best Astrologer in Kolkata

Working hard and yet not receiving satisfactory results in most of the times in the career graph of life is a common problem in today’s life.  Each and every people want to know when will they get a job or how can they improve their studies.


But nowadays there is the best solution to this problem if we consult the best astrologer in Kolkata who can guide and suggest effective measures to improve the career graph of the students.  Apart from judging the horoscope, the best astrologer on the basis of the birth date can give accurate predictions of job opportunity for the natives.


Let us now go through the twelve houses which have their own career importance.


First House: This is actually like self that denotes success in the area of self-employment.


Second House: A strong second house means the area of the career in banking, investments, finance, teaching, consultants, writing and publishing is very good to avail.

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Third House:  It is the house of communication that is the area of marketing, salesmanship, advertising, computer, web designing, traveling, writing and import and export.


Fourth House: This house belongs to land and vehicles. The career options in agriculture, building material or builders, promoters, sale purchase of vehicles, mining and so on suits this house accurately.


Fifth house: This house is also close to the fourth house and it deals with the speculation. Share marketing, brokers, finance, education are suitable careers for this house.


Sixth House: A person with the strong sixth house can choose the career related to police, livelihood through services, court, loan-recovery, clinics and so on. Maternal relations are very helpful for this house.


Seventh House: This is a house of business and partnership including relationships with females and a great career in business, trading and so on.


Eighth House: The owner of this house can choose a career related to insurance. It has possessed secret powers including research works, astrological predictions and magical powers.


Ninth House: This is the house of luck and religion and the career related to law, priest, head of a religious body, traveling to many religious places suits the characteristics of the owner of this house.


Tenth House: According to the horoscope predictions, this house is best known as the house with government and political connections. Any career related to government jobs, politicians dealing with all the problems of the public life fall under the power of this particular house.


Eleventh House: This particular house deals with the monetary matters. The placement of all the planets clearly indicates the income from various sources.

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Twelfth House: This house relates or connects the owners with the foreign countries, a business of import-export goods, travel agency, hospitals, prisons and so on.


Apart from the regular traditional careers, people are now choosing extracurricular activities as a part of their main career option. The birth chart of every person provides the indication of opportunity in the certain field. Along with the knowledge of all the different aspects, the best astrologer in Kolkata can accurately guide all his/her clients in the correct path of life.

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