Do You Want to Become a Film Star? This Article from the Best Astrologer in India Will Help You

Do You Want to Become a Film Star? This Article from the Best Astrologer in India Will Help You

Becoming a part of the film industry is a dream comes true for most people. The best astrologer in India judges the planetary positions responsible for the success in the film industry before the young generations join them.


In the recent times, there are numerous kinds of career options out of which glamour industry attracts the people the most since ages. Young generations’ people do have the dream of acquiring a position in the film industry. Well, the best astrologer in India can only guide them judging their planetary positions and predicting the future.

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Let us now read through some of the planets that are responsible for the success in the film industry:


Sun: Sun is the planets that always refer to the power, superiority, fame, authority and a ruling nature. In order to gain fame in the glamour industry, a strong Sun is essentially required. With a weak Sun, the person may have the talent, may give his/her best, but won’t be able to receive any recognition. A strong Sun is very important to gain fame in the film industry. This mainly indicates towards the Directors, Producers, Lead Actors and Actresses.


Moon: When Sun represents power, the moon represents the mind, the mentality of the person. With the help of Mercury, it clearly indicates the power of expression and also controls the mental abilities of the writers to write different types of scripts. Moon actually represents creativity so it should be strong for writers and directors. It helps the writers to feel the story and to relate themselves with the script. Combined with Venus, Moon helps to write a romantic film as Venus represents love. Also when combined with Mercury, the script writer can write a comedy oriented movie.


Mars: Mars represents fearlessness and boldness of a person that actually helps a person to fight with all the hardships of the film industry. Stuntmen do have a strong Mars in their birth chart. A strong effect of Mars is very important in order to stay and work in the glamour world. Mars is also a strong sign of Actors where they can win any competition in the film industry. Combined together with Saturn and Rahu, a strong Mars help the people to make action movies and underworld related movies.

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Venus: Venus is the entertainment and a film industry is also known as the “Venusians industry”. A person with a strong Venus can easily convert any boring topic to entertainment to the people. A strong Venus along with the other planets referring to the film industry can indicate a truly successful career in the film industry. Venus is basically a feminine planet so a woman with strong Venus can reach the topmost step of her career. This planet also indicates the career in the Fashion industry, modeling industry, singing and music industry and also others.


Rahu and Ketu: According to best astrologer in India, Rahu prefers unethical challenges and competitions, in fact, daring attitude. The combination of Rahu and mars is very tricky; they are good towards the good people and bad towards the bad people. With a strong Rahu, the person can become very self-oriented and in order to achieve their goal they can reach up to any extent. Ketu also signifies spirituality and detachment and will refrain people from any kind of unhealthy competitions.

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