Famous Astrologer in India Suggested Right Astrological Combinations for Purchasing New Property

Famous Astrologer in India Suggested Right Astrological Combinations for Purchasing New Property

With the help of astrological analysis the famous astrologer in India can easily predict the possibility of buying and selling of properties on the basis of the various reflections of the horoscope. The individuals then become aware and then they can follow the guidance and acquire their own property.


Since the inception, human beings want to impose their power, authority in this world. From the age-old civilization, it has been seen that the basic features of mankind are food, clothing, and shelter. Each and everyone in this world want to acquire their own property, but it is a fact that many people could not fulfill their wish. Due to this very reason many people often visit the famous astrologer in India in order to search any solution or any path that will actually lead them to purchase their own property.

famous astrologer of India


It is also very surprising that buying and selling of the property can be easily reflected in the birth chart of an individual. The famous astrologer in India point out the facts lies in the natal chart of the individual and then judges the factors through various astrological calculations. The position of the planets and the position of the lords in their respective houses depict the possibilities of buying or selling of the properties.


Let us now read about some of the astrological conditions that are being responsible for the purchasing of property. Astrologers generally observe the Moon and Venus. When any of them positioned in the 4th house, the individual has huge probability of owning multistoried house. Also, the planets in happiness in this particular house also give multistoried house. When there is the influence of Ketu and Mars then it gives the native a brick house and the planet Jupiter gifts a house made of timber.


Sun, one of the most powerful planets gives the hut of grass. It has been judged through the natal chart that if the lord of the 9th house is in the “Kendra” and the 4th lord in its own house then along with the friendship of both the houses, it gifts the native a beautiful house. If all the benefic planets are in the 3rd house and the 4th lord and lord of “Navmansha” of 4th house are strong enough to deal with others, then it results into a multistoried house owned by the native.


If it has been seen that the 4th lord and the 10th lord are with Moon and Saturn, then they give a most pleasing house. If “lagna” lord and the 4th lord are in the 4th house then both of them indicate the gain of the house in most unexpected manner. If the 4th lord is in the 10th house and the 10th lord is in 4th house with strong Mars, it opens the possibility of owning much property.


If the famous astrologer of India goes through the natal chart carefully and notices that the respective lords of the 4th house and the 10th house are strong and friendly with the other planets of the chart, then they actually open the possibility of much-landed property.


Also, it is a fact that if the 4th lord is strong and is placed in its own house or it is being positioned in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th houses and is receiving the aspect of benefic planets, then there is the maximum chance of gaining much property.

famous astrologer of India


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