Valuable Suggestion from Famous Astrologer in India to Get Government Jobs

Valuable Suggestion from Famous Astrologer in India to Get Government Jobs

All the planets have the great effect on the government jobs. In order to gain success the different position of the planets are equally important. The famous astrologer in India reads the birth chart and guides the people to achieve the government jobs.


In the early ages, astrology was regarded as the superstition and was feared by most of the people. But the scenario had changed in the recent times. Astrology is now being regarded as the science that deals with the different planetary positions and its effect on the life of human beings. The famous astrologer in India actually guides the people in the right track and leads them to success.


Nowadays government jobs had attracted the young generations and are in high demand in the society. Apart from getting the private jobs, the people are getting inclined towards the government jobs.

famous astrologer in India

But it is not possible for everyone to receive a job in the government sector. In order to achieve a job, the people should have the definite planetary positions.It is only the famous astrologer who can guide the people in the correct way towards the success in getting a governmental job.


Let us now read through the different planets that are responsible for the success in government jobs:


Sun: Sun represent the kingship. Sun represents the government. So in order to obtain a certain government job; the person need to receive the blessings of the Sun. It also represents fame, recognition and power like the different civil service jobs. The Sun and Jupiter should also be free of the malefic aspects.


Saturn: After Sun, Saturn is the most effecting planet in case of the government jobs and also other jobs. Saturn is the main planet of the career and a better position of Saturn indicates the better career options. Saturn has a positive effect in the horoscope and helps in receiving the government job. In order to acquire a good government job, the person should receive the blessings of Sun as well as the Saturn, without which the success in career will be incomplete.

famous astrologer in India


Moon: The mental stability of a person is being required in order to give the government exams for the various jobs in the various fields. In order to gain concentration and cool mind, the position of Moon should be very strong. It actually acts as an assistant to the Sun. In order to acquire the topmost position in the government jobs such as in the charts of bureaucrats or associated with Foreign Service. If the position of Sun and Moon in the birth chart is very strong, then the chance of getting government jobs also increases for the particular person. Combined with Jupiter and Venus, the Moon indicates clear indications towards the government jobs.


Mars: Mars represent the boldness and the daring nature of a person. The people with a strong Mars effect can attain success in the field of Military operation, defense, courage, prowess, Police, Soldiers, engineers and so on.


Jupiter: According to famous astrologer in India, Jupiter when placed in the fourth house actually indicates the government favors. When Jupiter is being compared with Moon, Venus, and Mercury, then it actually indicates towards the teaching profession in any of the government institutions. All these planets together indicate the strong success towards the civil and legal department of the government sectors.

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