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Diseases Associated With 9 Planets; Astrological Remedies for Prevention

Diseases Associated With 9 Planets; Astrological Remedies for Prevention

Daily, numerous cases are emerging from different states of the country, due to which the fear of this terrible infection has started to appear in people once again, according to the best vedic astrologer in India.


Apart from this, there are huge climatic changes that could be seen all around the world in the past few years. And due to these changes only, people are more likely to get diseases such as colds, coughs, fever, flu, etc in any weather condition.

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Relation of Planets & Health Problems in Astrology :

If you also have such problems and are not able to get rid of that disease, even after tons of effort, or if any member of your family is getting sick again and again, then the reason behind this in many cases are also planets and their associated diseases along with climate change. Today, with the help of this blog, we will inform you that in astrology, which disease is more prone to which planet Dosha.


Planets & Diseases Associated With Them :

As every planet affects different parts of our lives, similarly from the health point of view, every planet and the changes that come into it have a direct impact on our well being. Let’s understand according to astrology, which planet can lead to which problem in a person:-


  1. Sun-Borne Diseases:

Sun can give physical problems to a person including bile, complexion, irritation, abdominal diseases, a decline in immunity, neurological disease, eye disease, heart disease, bone disease, leprosy, head disease, blood disease, epilepsy, etc. If a person has any disease or problem among these, then it might be due to the position of the Sun present in the birth chart.


  1. Moon-Borne Diseases:

Any problem which is related to heart and lungs, left eye, insomnia or problem related to sleep, asthma, diarrhea, anemia, a blood disorder, vomiting, mental stress, kidney, diabetes, dropsy, appendix, cough disease, urinary disorder, mouth, teeth, nose, jaundice, depression, and heart comes from Moon in a person,through the eyes of the famous astrologer in India.


  1. Mercury-Borne Diseases:

According to Phaldeepika, a person is likely prone to problems related to chest disease, nerves, nose, fever, itching, typhoid, madness, paralysis in any part of the body, epilepsy, ulcer, indigestion, oral disease, some kind of skin disease, hysteria, dizziness, pneumonia, odd fever, jaundice, stammering, mumps, chickenpox, weakness of nerves, disease of tongue and teeth or problems related to the brain due to Mercury.


  1. Mars-Borne Diseases:

The considerable problems from Mars are heat-related disease, toxic disease, ulcer, leprosy, itching, heat rashes, blood or blood pressure-related diseases, neck and throat disease, urinary disease, tumor, cancer, piles, ulcer, loose motions, accidental bleeding, cut off part of the stripe pattern etc.


  1. Venus-Borne Diseases:

According to astrology, Venus gives diseases related to eyes, genital disease, urinary tract disease, venereal disease, epilepsy, indigestion, throat disease, impotence, sexual dysfunction, endocrine gland disease, and disease originating from consumption of narcotics, jaundice, infertility, semen-related, and skin-related disease.


  1. Jupiter-Borne Disease:

A person gets any disease related to liver, kidney, spleen, etc, ear-related disease, diabetes, jaundice, memory loss, any problem related to tongue, calf disease, marrow defect, hepatic jaundice, obesity, dental disease, brain disorder etc due to Jupiter.


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  1. Saturn-Borne Diseases:

A person may get physical weakness, body pain, stomach ache, knee or foot pain, dental or skin disease, fracture, muscle disease, paralysis, deafness, cough, asthma, indigestion, nervous disorder, etc due to Saturn. Due to this, if a person has any of these problems, then the position of Saturn in the birth chart can be seen for this.


  1. Rahu-Borne Diseases:

According to Phaldeepika, the shadow planet Rahu gives problems related to brain disorder, liver disorder, weakness, smallpox, worms in the stomach, injury caused due to falling from the height, madness, high pain, toxic problems, physical pain caused by animals, leprosy, cancer, fever, brain disorder etc.


  1. Ketu-Borne Diseases:

In astrology, the problems coming from Ketu are rheumatic disease, hemorrhage, skin disease, weakness, stagnancy, injury in the body, wound, allergy, sudden illness, trouble, dog bite, spinal problem, joint pain, sugar, ear, drowsiness, hernia, and genital disease.


So, according to the best astrologer in Delhi these are the various problems associated with all 9 planets. Now, let’s understand after all, which remedies related to these planets can help to protect ourselves from health problems arising from those planets.

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