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Does the Power of Gemstone Depend On Time?

Does the Power of Gemstone Depend On Time?

A common belief in the astrological community is that Jyotish gemstones diminish in effect over the years. Some people are concerned about investing in a gem if it won’t be as powerful after it’s been worn for a while. It’s time to examine this belief in further detail.


Adaptation to Energetic Influence:


The first place we usually see the effects of a gem is on a client’s mood and overall energy levels by the best astrologer in India.  People tend to report an increase in vitality, hope, and connection to their higher purpose when they first put on a powerful astrological stone. What a high!

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When we consider the contrast between the states we’ve been living in and the result of introducing a powerful new energetic influence, it makes sense that we’re likely to notice the effects of a gemstone right away. (The gem testing process works really well for this reason. Many people can determine the suitability of a stone within a day or two because such noticeable changes occur during that time.)


We’re likely to get used to the influence of our gemstones as the years go on quite simply because it’s no longer a new influence. We adjust to being our brighter, higher selves. I think it’s important to recognize that in this case the gemstones have not lost potency – it is actually us who have become more potent.


We’ll probably still encounter challenging circumstances in our lives, even when wearing the world’s most powerful gemstones, but we’re likely to handle these challenges with greater clarity and grace than we would have otherwise. Gems help us remain on a path of growth and evolution even if it’s hard to see the long-term upward trajectory and progress we’re making on a day-to-day basis.


Removal of Gemstones Indicates they’re Still Working:


One of the easiest ways to know if your gem is still working is to take it off for a while. I’ve heard many stories from customers who noticed a significant shift when their gems were removed, either circumstantially (like having a ring resized) or because they lost their jewelry. It’s as though a person’s “force field” becomes diminished when their gem is no longer being worn.


Some people recently stopped wearing my yellow sapphire ring as Jupiter was entering a difficult transit and they felt like they needed a bit of down time.  While they were off I had a nice reset within my nervous system and got some good rest. Their inner world was quieter and my outer world became subsequently quieter too.


When I felt ready for that Jupiter energy again I put my stones back on and the velocity and activity of my life, and my personal sense of power, was restored to its usual pace.


Gems are “Immortal”


Precious gemstones take millions of years to form within the earth. Sapphires from Sri Lanka are two billion years old! Their internal structure is defined during the period they’re actively (albeit very slowly) growing.


A plant or animal ends its life cycle relatively quickly but a gemstone follows a different course of fate. They’re more or less immortal if preserved properly: in other words, the inherent life force they possess does not age, decay, or decompose the same way it does for other living organisms, said by the best astrologer in Kolkata.


To believe that a 2-billion-year-old gem will simply stop possessing life force after being worn by a human for a year or two is actually quite short-sighted if you think about it.

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