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Dur Graha Yoga – A Strength or Weakness?

Dur Graha Yoga – A Strength or Weakness?

Dur graha yoga is one of those yogs about which astrologers disagree. According to the best astrologer in India, Planetary positions might indicate the presence of good fortune or bad luck. In reality, this yoga can either elevate your life or make you an unethical individual! With a well-formed dur graha yoga, you can be successful in your work and finances. However, because Vedic astrology places a significant emphasis on karma and its consequences, your past actions may influence how dur yog impacts you. Let us take a closer look at this yoga and its benefits and weaknesses.


Negatives of Dur Yoga :


This style of yoga can either benefit or harm us. Dur graha yoga, for example, occurs when the lord of the tenth house is in the sixth, eighth, or tenth house from the horoscope’s first house or ascendant. This kind of planetary alignment, according to Vedic astrology, is unlucky. A person born under this sign is unlikely to have a successful career. That instance, some astrologers believe that this sort of yoga has a negative effect on a person. Your profession may present you with challenges. Most significantly, you may not have a stable job and may rely on manual labour to survive.

They may normally be involved in immoral deeds. These people live in shame and disrespect. In fact, they may resort to harming someone for material gains. It is not a surprise to find smugglers, arms dealers or terrorists under the influence of this yoga!

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Positive Yoga :


In horoscopes, Dur graha yoga is quite popular. In fact, it can be found in every fourth birth chart. A fascinating fact! Every fourth person we know or meet, on the other hand, cannot be evil. As a result, dur graha yoga isn’t entirely bad. In other words, Hindu astrology is a representation of our karma. We may also benefit from good dur yoga as a result of positive karma. Similarly, the negative effect could be the result of previous bad karma. As a result, we could greatly benefit from dur yoga in such circumstances.

To explain further, you could have the fortune to be a stable and respected professional with dur yoga. For instance, when the lord of the tenth house, Mars, lands in the sixth place, then a benefic Mars can show positives in our life. You will have the potential of stable career. You could be a respected doctor, army officer, lawyer or police officer.


Yet another fascinating effect can be the placement of Mars as lord of the tenth house in the eight place of your chart. Such a position can make you an astrologer, surgeon, judge or even a psychic medium. Thus, the position of the tenth house lord is not the only factor forming dur yogas, but various other significant influences present in the chart.


How Can Dur Graha Yoga Affect You?


Dur yoga is generally regarded as unlucky. Because the tenth house is associated with success, notoriety, and renown, this yoga may have an impact on all of these qualities. Because of its influence, you may not have a secure career. Furthermore, because you lack a vocation, you will have financial difficulties or a lack of money. As a result, you may lose hope and turn to menial labour. It may result in a distorted personality in certain persons. That is, they may lack moral standards and be drawn to immoral behaviour. As a result, they are marginalised in society or gain a negative reputation.


Why does this evil occur?


The possibility of an ill favour is due to the fact that the sixth, eight and twelfth houses are considered as evil places for the lord of the tenth house. Hence, when these planets are housed there, they are clouded by malefic effects.

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Karma and Dur Graha Yoga :


Karma, according to best astrologer in Kolkata, is the single most important cause of all our positive and negative outcomes. Our birth charts mirror our prior lives. And we may never be free of the consequences of our actions. In other words, while we may not have the ability to nullify dur graha yogas, we may better deal with them by understanding their causes and consequences.

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