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Fundamental Concepts of Vedic Jyotish

Fundamental Concepts of Vedic Jyotish

In the birth chart or kundli, there are four components, determined by the best astrologer in Delhi.


  1. Houses: Houses are the domain of our life where the energies of the planet and sign operate.


  1. Signs: Signs are the sectors which fall in different houses as per the ascendant. Each sign lies less than 30 degrees only.


  1. Planets: Planets are the energies representing the will of God on human life and they operate through houses by having the lordship of sign in astrology.

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  1. Ascendant: Ascendant is the sign which was rising at the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth.


3rd house: Marketing, younger sibling, printing, communication, media, short travel, attraction hobbies, writing. Planets placed in the 3rd house show the strength of our will, courage, hobbies we have, what one expresses and communicates, siblings especially the younger one.


4th house: Mother, early education, home, real estate, vehicle, domestic atmosphere, immovable assets. Planet placed in the 4th house describes one’s mind and thoughts, kind of domestic atmosphere inside the house, luxury in house.


5th house: Love feeling, solutions, advising, entertainment, children, learning, creativity, Mantra, speculation. Planets in the 5th house shows what one wants to learn, good karma accumulated from the past life, deepest interest and passion and first child according to the best astrologer in World.


6th house: loans, litigation, enemy, competition, job, service, disease, maternal uncle. Planets in the 6th house show the kind of disease one can have, where one can be imbalanced causing opposition, fights and obstacles.


7th house: Spouse, Partner, worldly interaction, daily sale or retail store. Planets placed in 7th house show the quality and appearance of your partner and one’s relationship in general.


8th house: Occult, lottery, chronic disease, surgery, sudden gain, sudden loss, unearned money, depression, technical work, factory production, humiliation, inheritance, suicidal tendencies, procrastination, sham Shan. Planets placed in the 8th house show one’s process of transformation and change, other people’s money especially spouse, chronic illness and cause of death.


9th house: Religion, law, higher education, insights, Guru, Father, long distance travel, Internet, grandparents, Ancestors (Pitra), luck, Higher Learning. Planet placed in the 9th house describes one’s religion, spiritual tradition and guru.


10th house: Fame Status Karma politics government recognition branding. Planet placed in the 10th house describes one’s profession, authorities’ action and public influence.


11th house: Fulfillment, gains and profits, friend circle, philanthropic institution, NGO clubs, societies. Planet placed in 11th house describes one’s source of gaining support from influential people, groups and organizations.


12th house: Investment, expenditure, shopping mall, foreign, meditation, jail, Hospital, research, import and export, innovation, charity. Planet placed in the 12th house describes one’s source of expenditure, losses, pursuit of spiritual liberation and bed pleasures, said by the best astrologer in India.

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