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How Planetary Movements Affect Sun Sign’s Health

How Planetary Movements Affect Sun Sign’s Health

According to the Famous astrologer in India, the placement of all planets in the various zodiac signs must be considered in the final analysis to determine whether or not certain zodiac signs are prone to particular health issues. Let’s examine each zodiac sign and the planets that could potentially lead to a person developing a chronic ailment.


Aries: As a fire sign, they are bursting with vigour and energy, and they typically have good health and immunity. They take the initiative to schedule routine medical exams. Mercury, on the other hand, is the most unfavourable planet for this sign and can lead to long-term health problems if it is related to nodes like Rahu and Ketu. Additionally, Mars, the zodiac sign’s ruling planet, can become a problematic planet for health if it is connected to Mercury and can result in surgery or damage.

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Taurus: They are essentially healthy and robust. They have a built-in immune system that helps them maintain good health. Although they frequently overestimate their good health and do so. Jupiter turns out to be the primary cause of health problems for this zodiac sign. A connection between Jupiter and Mars has the potential to cause chronic disease. Venus may become involved, which might cause additional difficulties.


Gemini: They typically have weak immune systems. They have delicate digestive systems, so maintaining good gut health is important if they want to be prepared for future challenges. For them, Mars and Saturn are the two planets that are supposed to cause problems. This sign’s ruler over acute disease is Mars, whereas the ruler over chronic illness is Saturn. They may experience health concerns if these planets are joined in an unfavourable location.


Cancer: They frequently engage in excessive activity, which can result in pains and joint problems. They are typically more prone to anxiety and despair. For them to relax, they need to get enough sleep and meditate.Mercury is the key planet for illness in this sign because it controls hospitals and wounds.


Leo: You are filled with energy bundles. They are normally in good health and always active. They occasionally neglect to prioritise sleep, though, and struggle to fall asleep. Saturn is the ruler of illness and disease for this zodiac sign. Chronic health issues may result from it when Rahu or Ketu are involved and it is positioned in an adversarial sign. Another planet that can raise some concerns is the Moon, particularly when it is in close proximity to Saturn.


Virgo: They are very concerned about their health because they think that prevention is preferable to treatment. They make an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes frequent exercise and good eating habits. For them, Mars emerges as the planet with the worst reputation for health, particularly when Rahu or Ketu are present. Accidents or surgery may result from it, through the eyes of the Famous astrologer in India.


Libra: They typically have a strong immune system as a blessing. They are able to maintain their fitness without paying much attention to it. During its activation for this sign, Jupiter transforms into a top-notch malefic and causes serious health problems. When it comes to health, Mars is also unfavourable, and this is especially true if it connects with Jupiter.If nodes like Rahu and Ketu are related to Jupiter or Venus, they can cause health issues.


Scorpio: Although they often have high health and immunity, they are susceptible to viruses and diseases that are spread by the environment. They must put their health first and work to bolster their immune systems. Mercury and Venus are the main culprits in any protracted illness. When it comes to starting a chronic condition, Mercury is the major wrecker for this sign of the zodiac.


Sagittarius: They tend to put their health at risk because they are constantly on the go. Their lack of routine and carefree eating habits can harm their immune system. But because they enjoy athletics, they typically maintain good health. If Venus is placed in any of the unfavourable signs or locations, it alone can cause serious health concerns for individuals. Moon also governs chronic sickness, and when it connects to nodes like Rahu or Ketu, it might set off an alarm.


Capricorn: They have a robust immune system and are quite hygienic. But because they are workaholics, they neglect their health and ultimately put their work above their well-being and entertainment. Mars is the feared planet for illness for this sign.


Aquarius: They may have a tendency to be highly restless, which might cause unneeded tension. They should work out frequently to maintain their physical health and fitness. Jupiter is the planet that poses the greatest threat to these people’s health; thus they should be concerned. Depending on where it is, Jupiter may result in accidents, injuries, or surgical procedures. Another planet with a poor reputation for health is Mars, which needs to be kept an eye on.

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Pisces: They have a tendency to overindulge in food and alcohol and may end up disregarding their health. They must focus their emotional energy because they are prone to anxiousness. They typically have a poor digestive system. Venus is the planet most likely to harm this sign and bring on chronic sickness, through the eyes of the Famous astrologer in Kolkata.

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