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How to Study and Prepare for the Exam as Per Zodiac Sign: Part: 2

How to Study and Prepare for the Exam as Per Zodiac Sign: Part: 2

Exams are approaching presently and the students of all the twelve zodiac signs should be trying forward to this semester, said by the best astrologer in kolkata. A number of you would possibly have started your preparations well in advance whereas a number of you will be wondering a way to approach the complete method of preparation and coaching.


Every one of you has got a completely different variety of reading, learning and memory things. Therefore, one formula can’t be applied universally on all the students. each student with their own distinctive learning ways, respond otherwise to every study technique. we tend to here tell you, however you’ll use your natural qualities to reinforce your performance in exams.


Planetary positions of the students in their Birth Charts will reveal their study methodology and therefore the techniques they apply to find out things quickly and effectively according to the best astrologers of kolkata.

Some basic traits of the scholars may be judged through their moon sign.

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The Aries student: personality Traits

Aries students are largely self-motivated and have high energy to review the subjects of their selection. However, they get simply frustrated if they need to take a seat through long hours on an everyday basis.

Aries, you’re suggested to break down your course, add little units and build separate notes. Leadership and foresight is your natural instinct and are the most characteristics of Aries students. It will push you to perform higher in teachers. Group-study proves terribly effective for you. You like challenges.

Aries students stay centered on their studies and this helps them reach their targets simply. Taking intermittent breaks when each half an hour or forty minutes helps them stay focused. they’re not excellent at taking note to details. This can be why they’re unable to attain wonderful grades in exams.

Aries, solving objective/multiple selection questions may assist you retain your focus.


The Taurus student: personality Traits

Taurus students are terribly committed and right down to earth. In fact, they’re terribly stubborn that is why they never leave any task unfinished. At a similar time, they’re very sensitive and use their sensory powers to assimilate the ideas and ideas to seek out an easy answer.

Taurus, you want to study in a very peaceful and quiet surrounding sort of a library or a space where there’s no disturbance. The simplest time for a Taurus student to review is either early morning or late in the night.


The Gemini student: temperament Traits

Being extremely communicative and social, Gemini students would like folks around them to be comfy.

Even after you don’t seem to be discussing a lot of things together with your friends, their presence is nice enough for you to be comfy and concentrate on your lessons.

Gemini students love changes and find bored of monotonous routines. If they keep finding out within the same place, their brain won’t be ready to store any further memory cues. someday you will want to find a library and therefore the next day you’ll take your books and visit a park. This modification of the place permits you higher memory retention.

Soothing music enjoyed at an occasional volume within the background will boost your potency and increase your concentration. Your thoughts wander plenty and it’s quite doable that you simply can feel distracted whereas finding out in absolute silence and can not be ready to keep centered for long.


The Cancer student: personality Traits

Being an emotional and nostalgic person, students with Cancer as their zodiac sign are connected with surroundings that too in a very unhappy manner. If you actually got to focus and crank your preparation up a notch, you should study in your own space without changing your study place. Otherwise your wandering mind causes loss of concentration and can result in distractions.

Since security and assurance is of prime importance for the Cancer students, they like to prepare a correct timetable with complete designing and strategy to crack the competitive examination

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The Leo student: personality Traits

Leo students don’t come in the depth of the teachings as they realize it is very boring. For them, knowledge is more about ideas. they give the impression of being at the larger image.

Leo students should build your own notes, because it would assist you grasp ideas quicker.

Leos don’t wish to come in the sensible details of the items. They run far from those lessons that are advanced and have a lot of details.

You are suggested to listen carefully to the lectures and build your own notes in a very brief kind. obtaining an excessive amount of details can cause you to be anxious. Once you get the most plan about the lesson, it’ll boost your confidence and increase your learning power. It is the suggestion of the famous astrologer in kolkata.


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