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Ketu stands for the subtle energies that either enable us to overcome our karmas or force us to confront our most potent and harmful karmas, either individually or collectively. The top astrologer in India has determined the course of our current astrological conflict with Ketu.


Rahu and Ketu, two of the top astrologers in India, designate the zodiacal nodes or locations where eclipses of the Sun and Moon can take place. A solar eclipse happens when the New Moon coincides with one of the nodes. A lunar eclipse happens when the full Moon coincides with one of the nodes according to the best astrologer in India.

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Every year, there are often two sets of eclipses, spaced about six months apart. The nodes are not fixed; instead, they wander backward around the zodiac in cycles of 18.6 years. The Moon returns to the same node in 27 days.


Strong Ketu:

Ketu is given a faint Mars influence that is mostly complemented by hints of Saturn. On a personal level, it leads to poor judgement, self-criticism, isolation, harm, and poisons. On a collective level, it causes wars, revolutions, and constrictive, fanatic viewpoints. Rahu stands for the media, entertainment, and the power to sway the masses, whereas Ketu represents mathematics, computers, research, and technology on a collective level today.


Ketu is the most significant planet in the chart for showing Self-realization because it is the highest level planet that offers spirituality, emancipation, and psychic knowledge in addition to astrology. The most potent spiritual influence in the chart might be said to be Ketu.


Because it puts a stop to everything, it is frequently referred to as the “terminator.” Ketu possesses the power of negation, which at the highest spiritual level is the emancipation from body and mind, also known as Nirvana, and at the most severe human level is suicide. Ketu can represent death, either physically or psychologically, or it might represent transcendence to a greater reality.


Ketu Transcends the Mind:

Ketu bestows inner abilities of perception, like the ability to see without an eye, hear without an ear, or breathe without a breath. The highest level of great Yogis and sages, including the opening of the third eye and crown chakras, are indicated by Ketu. On a more general level, however, Ketu represents the forces of opposing views and ideals that breed conflict and violence while also arousing strong subliminal feelings.


Ketu is now traversing the galactic centre.The coronavirus pandemic has been the most notable event. It has a peculiar name since Rahu, who is behind Ketu in the zodiac, joins this pandemic as a result of Rahu’s retrograde influence on all of those planets.


However, even once Ketu enters Scorpio in September 2020 and turns retrograde, it will still be powerful, offering possibly greater potential for transformation for those who are receptive to it, with a new Kalasarpa Yoga developing in early 2021. The greatest opportunity for transformation will arise when Ketu crosses Jyeshta (Kali’s star) and Rahu simultaneously crosses Rohini (Lakshmi’s star). June 2021 will be the focal point of this.

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In any event, its passage through the Galactic Center and Mula Nakshatra has highlighted the most significant issues facing humanity and civilization, such as our beliefs, aspirations, and identities. It will encourage transcendence, which, if we reject it, may lead to annihilation. According to the famous astrologer in India, how we use the Ketu energy in humanity today will determine whether this century is coloured with darkness or light. This is especially true now that Ketu is moving into the sign of Scorpio.

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