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Mars’s Function in Astrology

Mars’s Function in Astrology

Mars, often known as the red planet, is symbolic of aggression, and because of this, people frequently mistakenly believe that’s Mars is a terrible planet.


Mars is regarded as a ferocious planet. What role does Mars have in astrology?

A planet’s intrinsic nature and a nature based on lordship exist on every planet, even Mars. Mars’s inherent essence is one of ferocity, or malefic, and if it also rules a malefic house, that malefic tendency might intensify. On the other hand, if Mars is the Lordship of a benefic house, it can bring benefits to the native, according to the best astrologer in India.

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How may the negative consequences of Mangal be lessened?

The greatest way to achieve it is through karma restitution. Mars wants to change the meanings of a house for the worst because it is in that dwelling. An expert horoscope reader who can direct the karma adjustments can best understand the severity of Mars. Say a bad Mars is placed in the ascendant or Lagna.


The native may become irrational, violent, and irritable as a result. The fourth house, the seventh house, and the eighth house are where this malefic Mars has its first of three aspects (Drishti).


The ninth house will make the native fleeting, the seventh aspect will ruin the spouse’s relationship, and the fourth aspect will disturb the tranquilly in his home. All the above-mentioned implications will improve if the native modifies his nature to be on the calmer side.


How might Mars be bolstered?

Only when a weak Mars is helpful or favourable in the horoscope do you need to boost it. There are numerous techniques to strengthen, like praying to Lord Hanumanji, wearing a jewel for Mars, or saying the mantra for Mars.


Weakening the planets that have a weakening influence on Mars is one of the other effective techniques to strengthen a weak Mars. For instance, if Ketu has weakened Mars and enveloped it, the best course of action is to weaken Ketu so that it will release its hold on Mars and allow it to function independently.


What treatment for Mars/Mangal is most effective?

It is crucial to first comprehend the kind of lordship Mars has in the horoscope. Wearing a gem or performing the “Sampooran Mangal Vidhi” may be advantageous if Mars is weak but beneficent.Donating to Mars, performing Homa (a fire sacrifice ritual), or chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, however, could all be quite beneficial if Mars is a major malefic in the horoscope.


The ultimate objective is karma repair, which will change Mars’ impact. A weak benefic Mars might produce unthinking spontaneity, whilst a negative Mars can produce a bad attitude,through the eyes of the famous astrologer in India.

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Is it terrible to be Manglik?

The planet that bestows vigour, strength, power, and royalty is Mars. How could someone with these characteristics be bad? Being Manglik is not thus terrible or unfortunate, which is a completely false assumption.


In fact, I dissuade people from blaming the planets rather than reflecting on their defective karmas and then turning to rituals when they encounter difficulties.

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