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Mercury is Currently in Gemini, Global Impact:

Mercury is Currently in Gemini, Global Impact:

Mercury Transit in Gemini:

According to the best astrologer in India, the West might pose a threat to the East at this time. Ignorant religious statements have the potential to incite violent acts, which could harm Eastern nations. The Asian continent may witness violent events. India can also experience some changes at this time.


Due to problems with its neighbours, India may make some wise decisions or take action that is praised by all nations, enhancing its standing abroad. Rainstorms may cause damage or infection-related problems in northern nations like China or Russia, the governments of the North West, or the continent of Europe.



If there have ever been problems between Aries people and their younger siblings, this is an excellent moment to fix them. It’s time to repair and move on since relationships with business partners and paternal relatives might get better. The likelihood of Aries natives falling in love and entering a relationship would make married natives feel at ease and content with the state of their marriage.



There is a danger of a head injury when driving or engaging in any physical activity, thus Taurus people should use caution. Because of the environment you are in, you can also experience mild depression, stress, and irritability. In your rush, you can even make the incorrect choice. These problems could compound, resulting in agitated thinking and sleeplessness.



In terms of health, people who are Gemini may experience eye pain, particularly in their left eye. They could possibly have an infection, fever, cough, or a cold. Native women who are expecting should exercise caution during this period since they may have stomach pain, which should not be taken for granted. They might also struggle as a result of an unexpected surgery.

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People with cancer are cautioned not to make rash judgements about their careers. It is advised to seek an expert if you are unclear. The best people to point you in the proper way are the professionals. Please consult with your family members, especially the elder members, and get their opinions.



Leo residents need to learn to listen well because it would be quite advantageous to accept criticism and seek advice from others. These pieces of advice will help you find your way back to your previous job path.The locals of the service sector are in a good position right now. However, try to refrain from engaging in office politics or spreading rumours about your superior as these actions may result in conflicts.



For Virgo students applying for government positions, now is a favourable time. Even though you might worry about your studies, you can still complete the duties with effort and commitment. Real estate investing could be a wise choice for investors. Never invest hastily in the stock market, gold, or silver, according to the best astrologer in Kolkata.



For Librans, their business ties are about to prosper. Natives working in the service industry can anticipate better possibilities, a pay increase, a promotion, or a change in title. A career in government, banking, management, or design is a terrific fit right now. The residents of Libra may experience chest pain, digestive troubles, or urination concerns.



During this time, people born under the sign of Scorpio may get serious fall-related injuries to their left hand or leg, skin problems, or bone problems. You might need to take care of some ailing family members.Your intended undertakings might be moving slowly, which could make you feel a little demotivated. You might also run across difficulties when attempting something new, which could make you feel agitated, angry, and sleepless.



Sagittarius natives may experience health issues including bone discomfort, thigh pain, pain in the right hand, and pain in the leg. Eye surgery is not recommended at this time. Elderly indigenous are encouraged to go around with caution. Maintain your spring in your step, but also pay attention to safety.



The good news is that Capricorn locals working in technical, IT, astrology, ritual work, religious labour, or participating in auspicious events may see advancement in their jobs!Another piece of good news is that you may organise a family vacation!

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The timing is right for you to shift the trajectory of your career. For natives who have been looking for work for a while and want to work in a preferred career, like completing any training courses, certain opportunities may come. There may finally be hope for locals who want to pursue studies or employment overseas!



Natives of Pisces may find this period to be generally favourable. Following surgery or treatment, you can enjoy alleviation from hand, foot, bone, or even skin-related discomfort. Natives with gallbladder or stone issues may receive helpful hints or recommendations, according to the best astrologer in India. It is a good time for locals looking for fresh employment prospects.

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