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Numerology: How the Date of Your Birth Can Predict Future Health Issues

Numerology: How the Date of Your Birth Can Predict Future Health Issues

According to the Best Numerologist in India, numerology is a branch of astrology, which is the study of how the heavenly bodies affect our daily lives and activities. Only probabilities can be predicted using numerology. Numerology predicts the types of health problems one may experience based on their date of birth. With the help of this post, we can talk about the precautions to avoid these issues.


Number 1:

First, the sun rules those who are born on the first, tenth, or twenty-eighth of any month. It is believed that those who were born on these dates were fortunate to be in good health. The back, heart, arteries, brain, liver, and stomach are said to be governed by the Sun. As a result, those born between these dates may get sunstroke, high blood pressure, heart difficulties, or any other conditions involving the circulation of blood. Since the number one person has a tremendous deal of life energy, they do not feel the strain of a hard workload, depleting their inner fortitude.


Number 2:

Moon rules those who were born on the 2, 11, 20, or 29th of any given month. These people are frequently not seen as being of particularly strong build, thus they are more susceptible to being sick from the following conditions: stomach or digestive problems, and poor blood circulation, which can also result in anaemia, nervousness brought on by stress, insomnia, and mental stress.


Number 3:

The planet Jupiter rules people who are born on the third, twelfth, twenty-first, and thirtieth of any month. These people are more susceptible to health issues such as chest or lung ailments, skin issues, diabetes, sore throat, and arthritis because Jupiter rules the liver, lungs, and veins.

They frequently experience nervous system overload as well.

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Number 4:

The planet Rahu rules over people who are born on the 4, 13, 22, or 31 of any month. As a shadow planet with ups and downs, Rahu is well-known. These people frequently experience health issues like depression or respiratory issues that cause shortness of breath, a cold or cough, heart issues, or urine infections. They can occasionally be predisposed to illnesses that are difficult to diagnose or treat.


Number 5:

The planet Mercury rules everyone born on the fifth, fourteenth, or twenty-third of any month. Mercury is in charge of the nervous system, the nose, and speech. As a result of their high levels of mental stress, these persons frequently experience anxiety. Skin conditions, renal issues, colds, coughs, and the flu. People in position 5 may typically overcome their health issues by getting enough rest and taking their medications, according to the best Numerologist in India.


Number 6:

Venus rules everyone born on the sixth, fifteenth, or twenty-fourth of any given month. The stars of destiny are known to be those born on certain dates. People frequently succumb to illnesses like anxiety, infections of the nose, throat, and lungs, advancing age-related cardiac difficulties, breast-related problems for women, epidemic fever, or influenza.


Number 7:

The planet Ketu rules people who are born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any given month. This number represents mystical and subconscious will. The likelihood of indigestion, anxiousness, infections, arthritis in old age, or blood circulation issues in those born on these dates is high.


Number 8:

Saturn, the planet, rules people who are born on 17 or 26 of any month. Saturnians are always self-made and provident individuals. People in Number 8 commonly have conditions such as blood pressure diseases, toothaches, headaches that last for days on end, and disorders of the liver and intestine, to name a few.

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Number 9:

Mars is the planet that rules anyone born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any month. These people are really delicate, through the eyes of the best Numerologist in Kolkata. The head, face, kidney, knees, bladder, reproductive organs, and circulation are among the areas that Mars is known to rule. Therefore, those with the number 9 are typically more susceptible to health problems like all types of fevers, chickenpox, kidney problems, throat-related problems, and bronchial tubes.

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