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Rahu’s Function and Significance in Astrology

Rahu’s Function and Significance in Astrology

According to the best astrologer in Mumbai, in Vedic astrology, Rahu plays a huge and profoundly important role. The Moon’s northern node is known as Rahu. Rahu is the location of the ecliptic point when the Moon’s orbit crosses it.


According to Vedic astrology, he is said to be a shadowy planet, and according to Western astrology, he is thought to be Rahu. These nodes do not adhere to the laws of any one sign, but they are thought to favour Mercury and Jupiter, as well as the Sun sign Aquarius.


Rahu’s personality sketch:

These are certain traits of Rahu that we should consider:

Rahu does not have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, making it nearly impossible for him to do so. Rahu rewards humans according to their deeds, and whether they are good or terrible effects depends on the bearer. Rahu doesn’t understand the difference between good and wrong, therefore he behaves in accordance with what people do.


Smoke grey or smoke blue is Rahu’s defining hue. Although it has little spiritual connotations, it does represent the materialistic part of human nature. It has been thoroughly subdued by Maya (the illusion of the world), and the only way to escape is to be paired with powerful Saturn or Jupiter.


A Rahu’s blessing is frequently a sudden increase in fortune. Winning the lottery, a competition when one has no chance of winning, or by stealing or by other unethical methods.


Rahu’s disposition makes him a supporter of the oppressed. He is generally kind to the humble, the poorest communities, the disgraced, the untouchables, and the suffering majority.


Snake bites, leprosy, and a variety of mental illnesses and ailments, including bipolar disorder and depression, can all be cured with Rahu’s blessings.

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Rahu’s function in Vedic astrology:

Rahu’s function within humans is centred on materialism. They are friends with all unrestrained things and beings in the universe. The three deadly planets, however, are clearly not Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, nor are they bad strangely.


They are a part of the larger plan and may have been purposefully positioned to have a firm hold on the human spirit. The souls are tested and their true colours are revealed to the Gods by using every means possible because it is said that even Gods are not perfect in their comprehension of the souls they send to Earth. If not to men, then at least during the course of a man’s life, the Gods are shown the true colours of the souls.


Some claim that Rahu does not grasp spirituality, but if Saturn or Jupiter are included instead of Rahu, then Rahu’s contribution to these planets’ understanding of spirituality is unmatched by any other planets at that time since Rahu treats spirituality in a materialistic way.


Rahu’s significance in Vedic astrology:

It originates from the fact that it is a malefic planet, which is why people frequently find it difficult to stand on their own in the face of Rahu’s obstacles and traps. Even while humans don’t always make mistakes, there are times when the outcomes of a certain action may not entirely meet human expectations.


Nonetheless, Rahu is frequently regarded as being a helper for those whose Guru sign is Sagittarius, Venus, or Saturn. For those who are willing to learn, Rahu teaches people the ways of the Maya. In contrast to Rahu, no one in this entire Universe is capable of teaching you the subtleties of Maya, through the eyes of the top astrologer in India.


It is also a sign of great intelligence, deceit, avarice, and compulsive behaviour. Rahu is commonly referred to as the mleccha planet (foreign planet).


The Astronomical Meaning of Rahu:

According to astrology, Rahu is frequently thought to be more important than the Sun. Rahu’s maturity is given more consideration by people than on any other planet.

Rahu’s effects on various Houses:

  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the First House:

>> Health issues for the owner.


  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Second House:

>> Native is uninspiring, would lead others astray, and would even lie. The native could be estranged from his or her family and could be afflicted with facial and oral illnesses.


  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Third House:

>>The native would be courageous, effective, and possibly long-lived.


  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Fifth House:

>> The native could have issues with kids and could have a number of crippling illnesses.


  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Sixth House:

>>The native may be able to restrain the opponents, and he or she may also be in good financial and physical condition.


  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Seventh House:

>>Rahu is not in a good position because the natives may waste their life away on foolish pursuits, find joy in the wrong things, and associate with misguided ideas.


  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Eighth House:

>>Rahu would behave well when paired with a positive planet in this House, but when paired with a negative planet, it could result in negative events.

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  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Ninth House:

>>It’s a terrific position since Rahu makes the person successful and incredibly devoted and pious in this case.


  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Tenth House:

>>The native may have questionable integrity, be cunning, well-known, and may emerge as a leader. They might, however, have a lot of affairs and not have many kids.


  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Eleventh House:

>>Yet, the native will be brave, strong, and powerful, which is bad for the family’s offspring.


  • •Astrological importance of Rahu when it is in the Twelfth House:

>>The native may have affiliations to several secret societies, an unfulfilled sexual life, and hence may experience a variety of illnesses as a result of his lifetime affairs with numerous women, according to the best astrologer in India.

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