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Relationship Advices for Capricorn

Relationship Advices for Capricorn

Capricorns are trustworthy, honest, straightforward, and logical but when it comes to relationship what are the things that you should consider? Let’s get to hear it from the best astrologer in Delhi.

During this season of holiday, you like the traditions but you are not a party animal. You like to spend some time of your own. You will not beat around the bush and try to seek attention but if found you won’t be even too shy to reject it.

People know that you’re dependable and when they get a little bit about you’re loved by them.

Strengths of Capricorn:

You’re focused so you know what you want and you have a definitive plan to achieve it. You take up something, finish it and then move to the next thing. You don’t just hop in here and there without completing the particular task.

You’re logical and usually won’t let your heart rule your head. This practicality, while not particularly exciting, does tend to get things done. You’re not known for being a maverick; you like tradition and you follow the well-worn path to your achievements.

You’re reliable, trustworthy, and people come to you seeking advice and counsel. This is because you are level-headed and take everything in your stride.

You tend to get uncomfortable when feelings start to run deep in relationships. Try not to become emotionally distant and withdraw when you start to feel the prickles of attachment

You are a great lover. You take your time in the bedroom like everything else, and that create a great depth of ecstasy.


Challenges for Capricorn:

In spite of the fact that you’re a great lover but you struggle showing your emotions. You are uncomfortable with Public Display of Affection (PDA) and hence your partner sometime feels that you’re under valuing her but you know that is not the case.

It takes someone special to bring you out of your inhibitions so that you truly experience desire. You will need to find someone who compliments you and brings out your emotional and fun-loving side.

One thing your partner will not appreciate is that you can be a professional when it comes to holding a grudge when you feel someone has done something wrong.

You forgive very soon but sometimes you can be stubborn. But remember to forgive because that will be the key to your peaceful relationship.

Capricorns are cool headed and patient partners. They don’t let their emotions cloud their judgement. If they hold onto someone they don’t let them go. They have deep feelings that they don’t like to show up. Sometime they put up a wall around themselves so that they don’t get hurt. But if someone can cross them and get a peek at their heart, all they will feel is warmth and compassion. They won’t give up on you that is the best part about them.

You might also have to compromise and learn to be more adaptable and spontaneous to keep the home fires burning. If you can do this you will be a loyal and dependable spouse.


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