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The 12 Zodiac Signs’ Taurus New Moon

The 12 Zodiac Signs’ Taurus New Moon

The first lunar phase of the moon in Vedic astrology is known as Amavasya, often referred to as the first citing of the waxing crescent moon. It occurs every lunar year and is invisible to the naked eye. Each lunar year has a different meaning in astrology.


New Moon in Taurus Venus rules the earthy sign of Taurus, which also happens to be the new moon. Anyone whose birth chart has a strong placement of the Moon will undoubtedly benefit from the divine blessings of the philosophical new moon, which will be in the realm of the second sign of the zodiac, through the eyes of the best astrologer in India. This is due to the New Moon’s exalted position in Taurus,which is well known for its steady, realistic, and grounded personality, will cause a variety of celestial activities for all 12 zodiac signs, both good and bad.


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Now let’s look at how the new moon can affect each sign of the zodiac differently and how this lunar phase might affect our lives and attitudes. So get ready to observe how this new moon in Aries performs and what fresh experiences it offers for us.


1.Aries: When the new moon transits into Taurus, Aries natives will be in the spotlight. You might profit financially from any source, including potential property issues.If there are any legal or property issues, they might be resolved. Your inner desires will come true thanks to the stars. Unexpected gains or profits from speculative investments could happen to you. Try to take in as much of the bounty as you can so you can later enjoy the rewards!


2.Taurus: Being in its native sign, Taurus, all of you Taurus moon sign bearers will feel a lot of positive energy within yourself the whole day, so for a Taurus native, this period would be the best time to plan for an important task. Any attraction you feel toward the other sex has the potential to develop into a relationship. You may have the opportunity you need to reignite the romance, put your misunderstandings behind you, and give yourself and your partner a second chance if you were looking for reconciliation.


3.Gemini: When the new moon is in Taurus, you may invest in opulent things, which may increase your pleasure in spending. You would need to manage your spending properly because you are a Gemini. There may be disagreements with your loved ones or in your family, but this is only a temporary situation. You may experience some sort of confusion or mental disturbance as a result, but this will pass over time. This stage could also indicate that you will get support from your friends and, if any, any foreign contacts.


4.Cancer: When the New Moon is in Taurus, it appears to be a particularly important time for Cancer.You may have received news of profits that you weren’t expecting or some gains that you did expect. Positive news will appear to surround you from every angle, and your speculations may pay off. You and your spouse will enjoy a lovely time together as your romantic relationship enters a really pleasant phase. In the end, this phase is profitable for everyone.


5.Leo: The New Moon in Taurus opens up better career and professional life opportunities for Leo natives.This might be the time when you finally make the decision to settle down with a clear decision and look ahead to potential future opportunities that could be promising in the long term and advantageous for service members, businesspeople, and self-employed individuals alike. To ensure that the appropriate safeguards are taken on time, your mother’s health may need to be examined and attended to.


6.Virgo: This phase may offer you rewarding opportunities for travel, which may be advantageous for your career. For any financial gains you might have anticipated, it appears to be profitable, raising your income status. You might even go on a short vacation with your family or friends.You will enjoy this time overall, and you will be content throughout. Overall, you will benefit from this New Moon Day.


7.Libra: Those born under the sign of Libra may experience some upheavals in their lives when the Taurus New Moon occurs. You must be careful to avoid causing any form of miscommunication at work, since this could result in issues. Avoid using harsh words or acting aggressively toward your co-workers. You can feel melancholy or perhaps disturbed temporarily as a result of certain news. You might experience some unexpected gains or learn of the same, which could make you happy.


8.Scorpio: According to the best astrologer in Delhi, Scorpio natives will have a sense of completion during this New Moon phase in Taurus, as well as the possibility of romantic involvement. It’s possible that you’re about to start a new relationship or give your current one a new name and stability. If you and your long-lost love were apart for a while, you might even find peace. You’ll feel as though a breath of fresh air has been given to you, and your mind will be at ease as you begin your day. All those who are currently experiencing companionship will be happy in your romantic life. Overall, this would be a time when your relationships and love grew.


9.Sagittarius: Thanks to the New Moon in Taurus, this phase seems to be all about stability and dependability for Sagittarians. For financial reasons, business-related travel, or for any other reason, you might want to err on the side of caution. You could experience various health issues as a result of a throat or chest infection. Additionally, you should steer clear of all fatty and unhealthy foods and work to maintain good health. There may be information regarding a move for professional or commercial reasons.


10.Capricorn: During this lunar New Moon phase in Taurus, it appears that Capricorns are anticipating good times. Gains that you weren’t expecting from unexpected sources, like gambling and your romantic relationship, the stock market, appear to be waiting for you. Your only benefits from this gain will be riches and mental well-being. Your romantic relationships appear to be going well, and you appear to be relishing the sweet undertones they provide. For all those who are single, this phase also appears to be the ideal to search for love.


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11.Aquarius: For an Aquarius native, the Taurus Fresh Moon will open up new financial opportunities. Their financial situation will substantially improve, and they will start to reap the rewards. Additionally, costs would be higher during this era, so just spend what is really necessary. The family may experience some health issues, which could increase costs but can be addressed with the appropriate care.


12.Pisces: During this period of the New Moon’s transit in Taurus, financial news or financial gain through someone else could be in the cards for a Piscean. They might even be fortunate enough to gain something unexpected. During this time, there are excellent chances for travel, which would be profitable whether it was done for personal or professional reasons. Moving seems to be a possibility at the moment, according to the best astrologer in Kolkata.

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