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The Wise of Brihaspati (Jupiter)

The Wise of Brihaspati (Jupiter)

Best astrologer in India said that Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati, is one of the most fortunate and advantageous planets. He is the God of learning and eloquence as well as the form of the Guru and Lord Shiva.


He keeps watch over the entrance to the supreme from his home in the Ajna Chakra, which is where the third eye is located. Because he bestows the utmost wisdom and possesses the secret to liberation, he is referred to as the Guru of the Gods, or Guru Deva.


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Godlike Characteristics of Brihaspati According to the Best Astrologer in India:

  1. Brihaspati has an impact on all fields of knowledge, all modes of perception, and the fundamentals of Dharma (the ideal of perfection). The ultimate principles of wisdom, such as the wisdom of unity and truth, are part of the knowledge that Brihaspati bestows upon us.


  1. Brihaspati is aware of his ego, but it is incredibly pure and is used to understand the unity of the universe as a whole.


  1. Without Brihaspati, one cannot comprehend the essence of Vedanta, the highest wisdom of unity, as he is the keeper of the door to the Supreme,


  1. Brihaspati does provide fleeting pleasures when joined with the organs of knowledge, but not long-lasting ones. The true blessings that Brihaspati bestows upon us are purity and clarity.



Advantages of a powerful Brihaspati:

  1. Withdrawing from the senses allows these people to transcend pleasure and pain and experience bliss in all of its fullness.


  1. Brihaspati enables one to meditate completely on the highest wisdom principle,according to the famous astrologer in India.


  1. There is no destruction, lack, or suffering when Brihaspati ascends in the horoscope. We can always enjoy our freedom, our sense of independence, and our unity with the Supreme thanks to Brihaspati.


Deficiency in Chart:

  1. A person with a weak Brihaspati position in their astrological chart is less likely to be able to impart wisdom and is more likely to show tendencies that are harmful to other people’s welfare.


  1. Weakness or even disease may be the physical manifestation of their karma. This karma may also result in a mind that is feeble and has a propensity to denigrate the wisdom teachings. They could also exhibit a ferocious desire for material goods.


  1. When Brihaspati and Chandra are both weak, they work together to instill an unquenchable thirst for wealth. It might even result in diabetes or other pulmonary conditions.


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Sacred Rituals for Brihaspati:

Brihaspati worship leads to better knowledge, increased intelligence, and intellectual clarity. Also, it might lengthen life and speed up the recovery from physical illnesses, through the eyes of the top astrologer in India.

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