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Tithi in Astrology – Fascinating Facts To Follow

Tithi in Astrology – Fascinating Facts To Follow

In Hindu astrology, the tithi is extremely important. Indeed, we choose unusual dates for our festivities and important life events at precise times. What exactly is tithi? According to the top astrologer in Kolkata, It is best to consult our panchang to learn more about its numerous types. We have a gem in our hands with the panchang! That is, it is the Vedic method of timekeeping. We all know how important time is in our lives. Allow us to learn more about their values and roles. Understanding the tithi meaning allows us to better perform our duties to the respective tithi lords.


Know the Auspiciuos Shukla Paksha :

Any auspiciuos work is classified according to its creation date. The waxing moon has fifteen tithis, while the declining moon has fifteen. The following is a list of astrologically auspicious dates:

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Pratipada : This tithi is favourable for marriage, building a new home or relocation, and travelling. Especially during the Pratipada of Krishna Paksha. In other terms, it refers to the waning moon, as the moon is strongest at this time. As a result, during Shukla Paksha Pratipad, or the waxing moon, we avoid doing unusual rites such as marriage, fasting, vastu responsibilities, or housewarming.


Dwitya : On this tithi, you can hold pleasant events such as housewarmings, weddings, and vastu karma. It’s a fantastic time to start music lessons and talk about politics. During this time, however, we do not oil.


Tritya : You may perform marriage, official travel and wearing bangles in this tithi. It is a good time for music and shifting your home.


Chaturthi : This time may be good for violent works.You can go ahead with electronic, fire and weapon related work and dealing with enemies.


Except for lending money, there is no occasion in this tithi. It is recommended because you may lose money owing to money lending during this time.


Shashthi : It is a great time for meeting friends, coronations and merriments. Shashthi tithi could be a great time for moving into a new home.


Saptami : If you wish to move into a new home, deal with official matters this maybe the right time.


Tithis and More :-

Ashtami : You may go ahead with war-related works, writing assignments, and jewelry purchase during this tithi.


Navami : In this tithi, certain unethical deeds such as gambling, hunting or fighting and building weapons can be done.


Dashmi : You can consider this an auspiciuos time to marry, begin family in a new home, state related dealings as well as travel.


Ekadashi : A good time for fasts, festivals, vastu karmas travel and craft.


Shukla Paksha : This is a tithi during the waxing moon. It is felicitous period for weapons, architecture, constructing home and work related to the nation.


Chaturdashi : This period is suitable for harsh activities like weapons use. It is not a good time for travel.


Dwadashi : This tithi is a good time to finalise your marriage and buy a car. However, now is not the best time to relocate or build a new home, or to travel.


Purnmasi : We may conduct festive activities like marriage, tours, deal with or buy ornaments during this tithi.


Amavasya : This tithi is thought of as a good period for mahadan and pitra karma.


Our Moods and Emotions :

Time and karma are important in Vedic astrology. We believe in using tithis to guide our endeavours and to plan fresh beginnings like as home construction, marriage, and business launches. Have you ever thought about why? We rely on these auspicious dates because they help us achieve success in our endeavours.


Our karma is the next crucial factor. Indirectly, our karma influences the time we spend doing things. That is, our karma may eventually drive us to select a favourable or unfavourable tithi for our deeds, through the eyes of the top astrologer in India. As a result, we believe the moon has an impact on our emotions and mood. This, in turn, links us to a favourable or negative outcome in whatever we’re trying to achieve.

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