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Why Are People So Into Astrology Right Now?

Why Are People So Into Astrology Right Now?

According to the famous astrologer in India, since the beginning of time, humans have looked to the stars for direction. Astrology, in reality, has been practised for thousands of years. Many people continue to investigate the influence of celestial bodies on human behaviour, even if it is no longer considered a scholastic tradition as it was centuries before. The general public’s interest in astrology has slowly increased over the last few decades, laying the groundwork for its current apparent spike in popularity.


The internet is littered with evidence of the present astrology craze. Horoscope social media accounts and zodiac-themed lenticels are easy to find if you spend enough time online. From Hollywood superstars to Sailor Moon figures, astrology memes contain almost anybody you can think of. People also utilise astrology-based Smartphone apps to figure out love compatibility and interpersonal interactions.

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Although horoscopes and birth charts are just the top of the iceberg, there’s no disputing that many people are fascinated by the stars and planets. So, why does it feel like everyone these days is interested in astrology? Experts say astrology appeals to individuals for a variety of reasons, including its ability to help people cope with stress and uncertainty during difficult times or get a better understanding of them.


Stress and Uncertainty:

According to Stephen D. Benning, a psychologist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, “having a technique of making sense of what may otherwise seem chaotic and unpredictable would be intriguing.” He says that astrology can provide a sense of assurance in unpredictable times. Stress is caused by our uncertainty about future consequences, according to a 2017 study.

Furthermore, according to a 2016 study, uncertainty about a negative event is actually more stressful than knowing it will happen.


In certain ways, the human brain is hard-wired to seek certainty, which is why some people interpret and frame negative life occurrences. According to a 1998 study, while astrology does not provide definitive solutions, it can help people feel more in control of ambiguous or complex situations by providing meaningful interpretations. The famous astrologer in India says, It can also give people hope for the future, offering them immense comfort and alleviating their distress.


According to Madelyn Good, lead evaluator at BHcare, a community mental health clinic, “previous research has indicated that astrology may assist people deal with terrible life occurrences or cope in the era of uncertainty.” People are more prone to resort to astrology when they are enduring personal crises or facing life difficulties, according to a number of studies, attesting to its benefits in reducing tension and worry during challenging situations.

And it’s not just the practise itself that can provide solace; it’s also being able to connect with others who have the same passion. “If astrology fans can connect with one another by sharing astrological knowledge, they can build communities that can provide social support in difficult times,” adds Benning.



Astrology is generally perceived as restricting, but many people are drawn to it because it can help them obtain more understanding about themselves and explain difficult-to-articulate ideas. This could explain why “those who have a low sense of self-awareness are more likely to believe in astrological views,” according to Good. It’s likely that people study astrology in order to gain a better understanding of them and increase their self-awareness. Astrology has been shown in studies to significantly impact and even validate a person’s self-concept, as well as improve their confidence in their unique characteristics. In short, the ruminative nature of astrology encourages self-reflection, enabling individuals to understand themselves and their environment more clearly.



However, the Barnum Effect — a phenomena in which people believe that generalised words apply to them individually — could explain the self-awareness gained via astrology. “People who believe in astrology also believe that generic remarks about basic human qualities are true representations of themselves,” Benning says. However, because self-aware people are more prone to dwell on their decisions and find them personally significant, astrology may still be useful.


Increased Exposure:

Naturally, astrology’s current popularity can be traced to its greater prominence in popular culture. “We’ve seen celebrities publicly promote their believe in or engagement with astrology,” adds Good, “with Lady Gaga organising her tour dates around astrological alignment and Beyoncé creating music as an homage to the signs.” Exposure to various parts of astrology on a regular basis may stimulate a person’s curiosity and lead to them engaging in the discipline themselves. Furthermore, reading and sharing knowledge on astrology may help to develop communities around it, which may encourage even more individuals to get engaged, according to Benning.

famous astrologer in India

Of course, as with most things in life, what benefits some people may not benefit others in the same manner. “The growing popularity of astrology reinforces the need for public health research to go beyond analysing the scientific validity of astrology to understand how people engage with astrology and how it affects their overall health,” says Good. Because of its unexpected popularity, determining why people practise astrology — and researching its implications on health and wellbeing — may be more crucial than ever.


As the wellness sector grows and the selfcareohyeah audience pays more attention to their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, it’s not unreasonable to believe that astrology’s current rise in popularity is tied to our growing obsession with all things wellness. And there’s evidence to back up this theory: online interest in ‘wellness’ and ‘horoscopes’ has doubled in the UK since 2010, according to Google trends.


And it seems at the beginning of each year we have a tendency to consult our online horoscopes for the year ahead, at the same time as googling ‘wellness’ more than any other time. The famous astrologer in Kolkata look deeper inside and try to improve and ultimately understand ourselves, our zodiac signs provide a template to comprehend who we are and what we need on a deeper and more meaningful level.

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