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12 Zodiac Signs’ Predictions for Venus’ Aquarius Transit

12 Zodiac Signs’ Predictions for Venus’ Aquarius Transit

According to the best astrologer in Mumbai, in addition to being a fixed, masculine, airy sign, Aquarius is also a friendly sign to Venus. It governs the zodiac system’s natural eleventh house for human goals and material success.


And the Venus transit will last for almost 23 days. In order to avoid it, let’s learn through this unique article what effects the impending Venus Transit in Aquarius 2023 will have on the lives of the 12 zodiac signs.



Venus governs the second house of family, finances, and speech as well as the seventh house of life partners and the eleventh house for Aries natives. Venus often stands for luxury and prosperity, thus now is a great time to make money. This is the moment when all of your materialistic aspirations will come true, and it is also the best time to invest your savings for future financial success.



Dear Taurus residents, Venus is transiting in your tenth house of career and is your Lagna and sixth house lord. According to the Venus Transit in Aquarius 2023 forecast, people born under the sign of Taurus will be observed making extra efforts to advance their careers and will also be given the chance and support of luck. People who work in the creative or entertainment industries or own businesses that sell luxury goods or services geared towards women will find that business is booming.

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Venus, who rules the fifth and twelfth houses for Gemini natives, is currently transiting in the ninth house, which governs Dharma, father, long-distance travel, pilgrimage, and luck. As a result, luck would play a major role in every aspect of life. If their chart and Dasha are favourable for it, those who want to pursue additional education abroad can try it now.



Venus is a beneficial planet for Cancer locals because it rules the fourth and eleventh houses and is currently transiting the eighth house of longevity, startling events, and secrecy. Only Venus has a better placement in the eighth house than any other planet, yet it still causes some issues.



For Leo locals, Venus rules the third and tenth houses, and at this time, Venus is transiting through the seventh house, which governs marriage, a person’s life partner, and business partnerships. Therefore, if you were considering doing so and your horoscope permits it, go ahead. Dear Leo locals, this transit of Venus in your seventh house is offering a really good opportunity and timing to begin a commercial relationship.



Venus is your friendly planet, dear Virgos. It rules the ninth house of luck with the bull sign, Taurus, and the second house of money under the sign of Libra. Currently, the sign’s sixth house is where it is transiting, according to the Best Astrologer in India. The assigned house of foes, health, rivalry, and maternal uncle to 6th house.



Dear natives of Libra, Venus, the lord of your lagna and eighth house, is currently transiting through the fifth house of learning, romantic relationships, and children. Therefore, this Venusian transit in the fifth house will enhance the creativity of natives of the sign of Libra, particularly for students. As a result, students who are involved in creative industries like designing, entertainment, poetry, or performing will prosper at this time.



Venus is the lord of your seventh and twelfth houses and is currently travelling through your fourth house, Scorpio. The fourth house represents your mother, domestic life, your house, car, and property. Venus is transiting Aquarius in your fourth house in 2023, which will make your property more opulent. You might purchase a luxury car or other opulent stuff for your house.



Venus is currently transiting in the third house of siblings, pastimes, short-distance travel, and communication skills. Venus rules the sixth house and eleventh house for Sagittarius natives. You will undoubtedly spend money on your hobbies during the Venus Transit in Aquarius in 2023, and you will undoubtedly develop new abilities.



Venus is a Yogakaraka planet for Capricorns. It currently resides in the second house of family, savings, and speech and dominates the fifth and tenth houses. As the tenth house lord and a transiting Venus in the second house will undoubtedly improve your bank account, if you are a native of Capricorn, this is a good time to expect a rise in pay or a promotion.

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Venus is a Yogakaraka planet for all signs, including Aquarius. It dominates the fourth and ninth houses for this sign, and it is currently transiting in the Lagna, or first house, where it is anticipated to provide wonderful results. It’s extremely likely that you’ll live life to the fullest and add some worthwhile things to it. Venus in your Lagna will encourage you to focus on improving your appearance and health, which will make you more approachable and attractive.



Venus’ exalted sign, Pisces, rules the third and eighth houses and is currently transiting through the twelfth house of costs and overseas travel. Pisces is also Venus’ exalted sign. Despite being a naturally benefic planet, Jupiter and this planet’s animosity causes troubles for those born under the Jupiter lordship of the ascendant, through the eyes of the best astrologer in Delhi. However, this also depends on the planetary positions of the planets and the native’s Dasha sign.

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