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4 Zodiac Signs: Lead to Born

4 Zodiac Signs: Lead to Born

Astrology allows revealing the characteristics of each individual’s personality according to their date and time of birth. According to the best astrologer in India, the personality traits and behavior depend upon the time, presence of other stars, etc. Each sign of the zodiac is defined by a series of elements that make them different from each other.


Although it is not perceived directly, the stars such as the sun, the moon, and the planets of the solar system influence the behavior of human beings, and thanks to this, the behavior of each sign can be predicted and compatibility, tastes, etc.


Certain phrases describe with great precision how each of the members of the zodiac is, suggested by the best astrologers of India, below you can discover each of them who have the best leadership skills.


Aries:  Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are leaders and are always ready to stay the number one and have no patience to follow. As Aries is a Fire sign, they have the urge to act without delay and that’s what makes them powerful leaders. Mars as the ruler of Aries makes them have the strength, courage and valor. Fear is something they have never heard of and they are bold enough to put forward their needs so upfront that people easily give in. This trait of Aries makes them natural born leaders. For Aries, it’s a never-say-die attitude and hence they can never get disheartened. They also love challenges and standing at the forefront is never a big deal for them.


They love to win all games, and that makes them an even better contender as a leader. They are very authoritative, dynamic and highly determined and hence, the natural leaders of the zodiac. Aries are one of the best warriors at every front and highly resilient and strong even in the midst of adverse conditions. Their energy and restlessness keep them moving towards their goal without stopping. They do not sit calm and quiet; unless and until they win over the opponents and winning any challenge is their in-born trait. They love to tackle problems head on and leave no stones unturned to solve them.


Leo : Undisputed king of the zodiac, ruled by the Sun, the center of the solar system, Leo is the most powerful zodiac sign. It gives all the radiance and energy to everyone in contact. They are very cheerful. Their ego and self-esteem is so high, that to prove themselves, they can go to any limit and thus, take the responsibilities as their own pride. Being dominant, they know how to rule with their charisma. Their magnetic aura can make anyone bow in front of them.


Leos as the best leader in the zodiac, every part of life for them is a stage and they have to perform the best to get the most applause. Being the center of attention makes them happy and keeps them filled with energy to keep going. Fiercely independent and original, they make their own way and do not go at the beaten paths, and that’s what makes Leos so powerful. Being very friendly, outgoing and generous, Leos have a good fan following, which is an essential ingredient for being the natural leaders of the zodiac.


They can make any dull environment change into a happening ambiance pretty soon with just their own presence. They always try to enlarge their circle and keep pushing their boundaries. Getting to know strangers and making them feel at home is the unique characteristic of Leos and this makes them a good leader for everyone. Speaking on behalf of others is quite easy for them. Leading a group and keeping all motivated is their motto and hence this zodiac sign is natural born leader.



Scorpio: The sign itself is so enigmatic that anyone can get attracted like a magnet and that itself is a sign of a great born leader. Being ruled by the passionate planet Mars gives them a zeal and innate drive so fierce that their target is often achieved by them. Their adrenaline rush is exemplary. Their alluring persona is awesome. The only sign who knows how to make use of emotions to stay strong and lead, which is why they are the natural leaders of the zodiac.


Having Water as their element, they are prone to get deep in emotions, however, the planet Mars gives them the fierceness and thrust which changes their weakness into their strength, thus making them a powerful zodiac sign. Just like any hydro power plant that changes the calm water into powerful energy, Scorpions use their own emotions for their passion.  Their aim and ambition is deeply engraved in their determination and they put all their heart and soul for the purpose. This makes them a hero for the mass. They have a mystic appeal in their leadership and people get mesmerized. They are brave, loyal, honest and straightforward.


Their determination and ambition is way high. They do not set their limits when they have an aim to achieve and this is the most important leadership quality of Scorpios. Even their negative qualities like being resentful, secretive and stubborn add to their leadership goals and they can make excellent plans and then execute them so efficiently that it’s almost a surprise setback for their enemies. That is one of the reasons it’s also considered as commander in chief, making them one of the most powerful zodiac signs.


Capricorn: This is a sign that is so disciplined and organized, that they can get anything done with their calm composure. That is what makes this zodiac sign a natural born leader. Saturn, its ruler, gives hard work, patience and discipline to it in abundance. Being an Earth sign, it also takes all decisions in a very practical manner. Neither they get too excited on their achievements, nor do they get disheartened on their failures.


This quality makes them a very able and efficient leader to keep the pace of the objective. They have really good intellect and they use their experience to the full. The natural born leaders that Scorpios are, they take every job as a sincere and serious mission and hence there are very few chances to fail. Very methodical, immaculate planners and unbiased, they value tasks and aim more than any individual.

For them, the team incomes first and emotions for them are always secondary. Their cold attitude, however, may sometimes create some dissatisfaction among team members, however, the end result and achievements keep the team intact. Their work is worship for them. They do everything for their own and their group’s reputation. Their persistence, realistic attitude, self-reliance, patience and disciplined objective approach make them the right candidate to lead any mission, making them the most powerful zodiac sign according to the famous astrologer in Kolkata.

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