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According to the famous astrologer in India, the Moon will be in Libra from January to December. There will be many growth factors because the Moon is in a favourable house. Chemical businessmen will benefit notably from the moon. The sellers of milk, oil, and other commodities will have silver in this scenario, and the sellers of cosmetics will also be operating.


Aries: The sweetness of an Aries will last in a marriage. The in-laws’ assistance is conceivably available as well. The planetary transit will be quite advantageous from that perspective if you intend to submit an application for any type of government procurement in the federal or state government agencies.


famous astrologer in India

Taurus: Health must always be taken into consideration, particularly medicine interactions, skin conditions, and digestive issues. It would be wise to resolve legal disputes among yourselves and to avoid making secret enemies. Don’t lend anyone else any money during this time; doing so could result in financial loss.


Gemini: This opportunity will benefit you if you want to participate in any major competition. The ability to earn money will increase. You will also have the backing of powerful people. You might need to make a lengthy travel. Health will significantly deteriorate.


Cancer: The government will receive full assistance while taking into account the parents’ health. Property-related issues will be settled. The planetary transit will be in your favour if you want to buy a car. There’s a chance you’ll get wonderful news from friends and family. From that perspective, the planet’s outcome will be favourable if the student class want to seek more visas to study overseas.


Leo: You will successfully navigate challenging circumstances thanks to your fortitude and astute decision-making. The popularity of spiritual work and religion will rise. Will contribute actively to charitable organisations such as orphanages and religious institutions. Your choices and deeds will be respected.


Virgo: The money provided in the past is probably going to be refunded. Your ability to communicate clearly will enable you to successfully handle even the most challenging circumstances. There will be a resolution to the ancestral property conflict. You will receive positive news from close pals. Some coworkers will try to undermine you, while others will step up to support you, as predicted by the top astrologer in India.


Libra: In addition to improvements in luck, there will also be improvements in respect and job promotions. Prestige and social standing will rise. The pupils competing in the tournament will also have excellent timing. The marriage will succeed. The ruling elite and the government will work together fully.


Scorpio: It’s possible to hear unfavourable news from friends and family. The time will be ideal if you wish to travel internationally or apply for visas from foreign businesses. Health matters require attention, particularly gastrointestinal issues, skin conditions, and drug interactions.


Sagittarius: Traders must exercise caution before launching any new schemes. To reduce stress and maintain good mental and physical health, people engage in exercise and meditation. In terms of love, there will be compatibility. The newlyweds’ chances of having children are increasing.


Capricorn: Any choice made in the midst of this time frame may turn out to be detrimental. In the case of ancestral property, there will be clear-cut outcomes. can also purchase a house or a car. You can have grand plans to travel far apart from your partner. There could be some issues with the skin. Avoid having any sort of conflict in your family.

famous astrologer in Kolkata


Aquarius: Any business decision you make in the middle of time will be successful thanks to the influence of the Moon’s transit, which will also improve your luck and produce the results you expect. Today is a significant day if you work in the metal industry, notably the copper industry.


Pisces: In the midst of this time at the workplace, it is imperative to use extreme caution in all tasks and decisions, according to the famous astrologer in Kolkata. To achieve high exam scores, students must put in a lot of effort. Businessmen will need to restrict their thinking for the time being. In circumstances involving love, there will be some unfavourable outcomes.

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