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Are All Kemadruma Doshas Bad? The Results and Treatments

Are All Kemadruma Doshas Bad? The Results and Treatments

Yogas are particularly essential in Indian astrology since they have an impact on a person’s entire life. A person’s entire life is revealed by their astrology horoscope. This page will explain what kemdrum yoga is in Indian astrological horoscopes or kundlis, what its effects are, and how to use this yoga’s treatments.


  1. How come Kemdrum Dosh?

According to the best astrologer in Kolkata, Kemdrum Dosha is the most typical dosha to be found in horoscopes, but you should never dismiss it. This dosha, often referred to as Kemdrum yoga, manifests when the Moon is “planet less” on both sides. To be more specific, Kemdrum Dosh in astrology refers to the state in which there are no planets in the Moon’s second and twelfth houses.

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  1. When Does Lonely Moon Dosha or Kemadruma Dosha Occur?

This dosha manifests when there are no planets, other from the Sun and the shadow planets, in the second and twelfth houses from the moon, which are the houses that are directly in front of and behind the moon. Kemadruma Dosha also manifests if the moon is not in conjunction with an auspicious planet or is not aspected by one.


  1. What effects does Kemadruma Dosha have?

A person with this dosha is lacking in nature, wealth, wisdom, logic, a spouse, children, and mind consensus. This money is said to shrink to the level of a pauper in a formal setting.

The person experiences pain, letdowns, bodily illness, and shame.AKemdruma dosh is built as a result of numerous other planetary trends. These further kemdruma dosh varieties are similarly awful and strong:


  1. The Moon that is aspected by Jupiter and is in the Lagna or the seventh house.
  2. When all the planets are unstable in different ways, there aren’t enough benefic points (less than four) in the Ashtakavarga in the places where they are positioned.
  3. The Moon and Sun were accompanied by a weak planet that was inhabited by a malevolent d9.
  4. If the delivery occurs at night, a waning Moon in the 8th house from the ascendant that is aspected by or correlated with a malefic.


4.What are Kemadruma Dosha’s advantageous effects?

The main effect of kemadruma yoga is that it makes the mind restless. You may use any impacts to your advantage if you develop mental peace via practise and meditation.


  1. Kemadruma dosha makes it easier for someone to pick up new skills.


  1. They can master theory, but they are unable to put it into practise.


  1. As a result, they make excellent instructors, leaders, counsellors, and coaches.


  1. Their combination, one’s knowledge combined with the other’s execution, can be unbeatable if they use their knowledge to teach and guide a gifted person.


5.What are some possible treatments for this dosha?

  1. Try meditation to clear your mind.


  1. Worship Chandra (the moon), recite Om Som Somaya Namaha 108 times daily, and pray to Lord Shiva and Parvati for relief from Kemadruma Dosha.


  1. Commence on a Monday Purnima and observe fasting on Purnima days for a full year.


  1. Drink water from a silver cup.


  1. Offer Lord Shiva milk abhisheka on Mondays.


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As you can see, Kemadruma Dosha may have some negative effects, but it also has certain advantages in the opinion of the renowned Indian astrologer.Even the cancellation of this dosha is possible under specific conditions. You can also use a variety of medicines to counteract the bad effects of the Kemadruma Dosha in the eyes of the famous astrologer in Kolkata.

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