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Astrology and Acquiring Property

Astrology and Acquiring Property

Every person is born with the treasured aspiration of becoming a property owner. You might wonder occasionally why some people are able to buy property with ease while others are not.


Be aware that this aspect is ultimately determined by the placement of the planets in your horoscope. As a result of the best vedic astrologer in India, before buying a house, you must check your horoscope and astrology.


You can learn whether you will be able to own a property, when you will be able to, and what kind of property will fit you by looking at your astrological before making a purchase.


The nature of the 4th house :-

If the ruler of the 4th house is in your 4th house, if the ascendant planet also happens to be there receiving the aspect of a benefic planet, you can enjoy the full benefit of the property purchase.


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People with such arrangements can buy land or vehicles. If the ruler of the 10th house and the Lord of the 4th house form a quadrant or trine arrangement, your house shall have a boundary wall and you shall enjoy high comforts like an affluent king.


How different planets in 4th house help with housing ?

The following opportunities about your property await you, depending on who is now occupying your fourth house. Mercury creates a home with exquisite aesthetics.


Moon improves your chances of finding a new home. Jupiter will grant you a really sturdy home. A weak home will be given by Sun and Ketu. Saturn or Rahu will give you an ancient house. You’ll be given a home that looks lovely, whereas Mars will offer you a home that is prone to fires.


You will have a multistory house if the moon and Venus are together in the fourth house. If there are exalted planets in the fourth house, you will also benefit from a multistory home.

You will get a brick home if Ketu and Mars are both in this house.


How to consult astrology for property purchase :-

Some insightful opinions on how to make property-related decisions based on the placement of planets in the horoscope have been provided by a number of astrological scientists.


Buying a home is a very important decision that requires a significant financial commitment. Therefore, while carefully reviewing the horoscope, this subject must be taken into account along with money yoga (financial prospects). The importance of the fifth home and sixth house, for instance, is crucial if the bank needs to finance the property.


Since Mars denotes land and property, how it influences the 4th house is very important. In the same manner, it is said the roles of Venus and Jupiter are also important as they are also benefic planets that can help in owning property.


When are you most likely to lose your property?

Property loss will arise from the astrological combinations listed below.


The subject will lose his property if the Lord of the 4th house sits in the 8th house in a distressed state, according to the best astrologer in World. The subject will lose his house due to government intervention if the debilitated ruler of the fourth house coincides with the sun. When you use astrology to help you buy a home, you can learn some important things about real estate.


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