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Dr. Sohini Sastri – Bollywood divas preferred astrologer

One of the Best Astrologer in KolkataDr. Sohini Sastri is famous for her accurate future prediction capabilities. Her strength is her vast knowledge about the alignment of the celestial bodies and its influence on the lives of living beings. She is a KP Astrologer, well versed with traditional astrology, palmistry, vastu and so on.

Dr. Sastri has graduated in Arts and completed her Master’s degree with distinction from reputed university of India. She has been honored with Doctorate in Astrology from reputed Institution of India. She has also pursued a degree in Diploma in Public Administration. Apart from that she has diploma in Rabindra Sangeet and well trained in classical music. Photography and horse riding are the two, she loves to do in her leisure.

She belongs to an aristocratic family. She belongs to the noble family of Swami Dharmamegharanya Aranya and Swami Hariharananda Aranya from her mother’s side and born in Kolkata, West Bengal. Her honest, polite and candid nature helps her to stand out from others. She  did many miracle jobs  for her clients and saved  their life from distress of their financial, physical and mental status. The predictions and solutions offered by this great astrologer, will surely assist you in overcoming difficult times and looking forward to a bright future.

Area of Expertise:

  • Astrology
  • Palmist
  • Vastu Shastra Expert
  • Color Therapy
  • Rudraksha Therapy
  • Gemologist
  • Tantra Expert

Reliable Astrological Services by Famous Astrologer in India and Kolkata:

Dr. Sohini Sastri is a pro at KP astrology. Krishnamurti Paddhati, popularly known as KP System, is considered to be one of the most precise astrological systems in India. This is an excellent system of astrological predictions, conceived and created by the great astrologer Late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. KP System is based on finer points of Indian and Western astrology and borrows important concepts from many branches of astrology. Regarded as the most accurate system of present time, KP System of astrology is systematic and very well defined.

Traditional Astrology or Jyotish Vidya, or the study of the movement of heavenly bodies, has been a part of our culture from the Vedic ages. The position of the planets and stars play a crucial role in determining the past, present, and future of every individual. Dr. Sastri, the best astrologer in India, can help you unveil the hidden meaning of the planetary alignments and how they are influencing you in different aspects like education, health, finance, and other stability. She makes it a point to thoroughly study the natal chart of individuals and predict their future accordingly. And, rarely do her predictions go wrong.

Other than that, Dr. Sastri is also a versed reader of palms. Her clairvoyance in Palmistry has rendered her the famous astrologer in India among the brimming lot. Of course, her knowledge is not just limited to this. She is also equally adept in Vastu. She has helped many people in resolving the undulating balance of their residential atmosphere via her scientific approach of Vastu and her deep understanding of how the four elements, namely Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, affect homes.

She is also a Numerology specialist and uses the power of numbers to ascertain an individual’s state of mind, his personality, and the obstructions that are hindering his success. Her divine sight of perceiving the link of a certain number to the events occurring in your life has made her world famous astrologer for a trustworthy forecast. Dr. Sastri also professes the Colour Therapy to heal people suffering from ailment and misery. Through this holistic alternative healing procedure, she uses the energy stored in colours to balance and boost an individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual and mental status.

She is well acquainted with the following cases –

  • Marriage
  • Education
  • Legal problem
  • Relationship
  • Vastu problem
  • Conjugate problem
  • Career
  • Health

Awards in her shelf:

Her excellence in the field of astrology has helped her to achieve several awards, such as –

  • Champion of Change, 2018 from Honorable Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu
  • Champion of Change, 2019 from former President of India Late Shri Pranab Mukherjee
  • Champion of Change, 2020 from Honorable Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari
  • Champion of Change, 2022 from former President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind
  • Pride of Nation, 2019 from Honorable Defense Minister Shri Rajnath Singh
  • Pride of Nation, 2022 from Honorable Minister for Road Transport & Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari
  • Indian Achievers Award, 2020 from Honorable Union HRD Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal
  • Indian Achievers Award, 2023 from Honorable Minister of Sports, Youth Affairs and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Shri Anurag Thakur
  • Felicitated by Governor of West Bengal Shri Jagdeep DhanKhar
  • Felicitated by Honorable Governor of Uttarakhand Shrimoti Baby Rani Mouriya
  • Femina Brand Award, 2021 by Femina India
  • Honoured by World Book of Record 2022 for her contribution to astrology, palmistry, vastu shastra etc.


As an avid student of astrology, she always updates herself with knowledge of every wing of astrology and she shares her experiences with people through various blogs and articles. She is a regular columnist for Femina India, Times of India, Business Standard, Forbes India, Outlook, The Week, Mid-day, and lots of other leading magazines. As well she is also a popular face on many national television channels. For her efficient prediction and impeccable track record in the field of astrology, she has been nominated as one of the Top 10 Astrologers in India by various popular media houses.

Honored Membership:

For her great work in the field of astrology, she has been honored with membership of various prestigious society. Such as –

  • Asian Congress of astrologers.
  • Associate member of the astrological association of Great Britain.
  • Life Member Astrological research Project, Kolkata.
  • Life Member of Bangiya Astro-medical Research centre.
  • Golden Member of Dharma Research Centre (Chennai).
  • Member of Astrological Association Great Britain.
  • Associate Member of American Federation of Astrologer.
  • Associate Member of Federation of Australian Astrologer.

Social Associates of Dr Sohini Sastri:

  • ABP Anada
  • Ramkrishna Mission Seva Patisthan
  • Median and Destiny
  • Media Focus
  • Astrospeak
  • ACS Media

Why Dr. Sohini Sastri is best astrologer in India and Kolkata?

  • Expertise in a variety of clairvoyant activities.
  • Availability of round the clock services.
  • Great repute regarding accurate predictions.
  • Provision of effective solutions.
  • Academic excellence in the field of astrology.
  • Award-winning performance.
  • Accredited and certified.
  • A golden track record.
  • Trusted and respected by a huge clientele.

Dr. Sohini Sastri’s knowledge about astrology does not stem from nothing. She has pursued a career in it, which is backed by academic qualifications and prestigious awards. Anyone who wants to approach her for Astrology and Gemology services, should know that she is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Dr. Sastri has touched many lives owing to her accurate predictions and quality services. She is not just a palm reader or a fortuneteller. Her knowledge exceeds beyond the traditional aspects of astrology like Vastu, Numerology, and Colour Therapy.

An able clairvoyant, Dr. Sastri is also a patient listener and readily helps people who approaches are with their problems. Her cheerful nature makes her an approachable person who is much obligated. She is also an expert Gemologist and presents a range of quality Rudraksha beads, pearls, corals, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires that have healing powers.

Whether you want to get the Vastu of your house corrected or get rid of black magic, whether there’s a certain dispute in your household that you want to avoid or bring back lost love, whether you want to grow your business empire or wish to get your horoscope analysed, whether you want to heal your spirit with colour therapy or wear a gem that would make a remarkable difference in your life, consulting Dr. Sohini Sastri would always be your best bet ever. Contact  India’s best astrologer, Dr Sohini Sastri for further queries or consultation on astrology.

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