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Budh Dosh – Introduction, Causes, Effects, Remedies and More!

Budh Dosh – Introduction, Causes, Effects, Remedies and More!

Buddha or planet Mercury is responsible for your daily expressions and communication. The planet is also considered neutral and changes its characteristics based on its placement in different houses. Buddha influences your thoughts and lets you decide and differentiate with reasoning. In other words, planet Mercury rules our subconscious thoughts and conscious actions taken according to the best astrologer in India.


The planet signifies how we express ourselves to the world and how we handle stress and unfortunate circumstances in life. In fact, Mercury presents you in your fullest form. This article is a study of Budh Dosh and actions to be taken.

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Significance of Mercury :

Mercury’s influence on our lives is very unique and is difficult to predict accurately. It’s important to know that Buddha doesn’t cast an influence alone. Additionally, it always works in conjunction with other planets. It also gives malefic effects with malefic planets and benefits with beneficial planets.


Mercury is the son of Moon but, they are enemies to each other according to Hindu Mythology. It shares a very close bond with the Sun and is friendly with Venus. Mercury actually rules Gemini and Virgo. Additionally, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn share a neutral relationship with Mercury. Budh Dev in the 4th house represents friends and family. It represents speech in the 2nd house and profession in the 10th house.


Characteristics of the Effects of Mercury :


If Mercury influences your birth chart, you will be a loving and compassionate person. You will also possess a sense of humour and high intellect. You will also carry yourself with high confidence. Also, all these put together, sometimes, makes you emotionally detached and independent.


If you have the influence of Mercury in your natal chart, you will most definitely excel in professions like journalism, teaching, publications finance and engineering. Since Mercury is an expression discipline, you can also excel at Law and be a good advisor too.

If positioned well, Mercury will take you places, while you also excel in education and finance. It has a strong influence and induces logical thinking and reasoning. In fact, a strong Mercury in your horoscope means you will perform well in accountancy since you will excel in calculations. Strong verbal communication and persuasive power will be your natural traits with positive Mercury influences.


Malefic Effects of Budh Dosh:

In the case of Budh Dosh, the native suffers from poor judgement and reasoning and also lacks analytical ability. You will have issues in education and suffer from a lack of intellect. There will be frequent sorrows and worries. You will experience constant stress with argumentative behaviour.

The weak influence in conjunction with malefic planets promotes hardships, particularly in family life. The natives suffer from relatives including the spouse and children.  They get deprived of the wisdom they deserve and also suffer the loss of wealth.


Remedies for Budh Dosh :

Planet Mercury is changeable and neutral having a dual personality. The remedies to ward of malefic effects include:


Vedic Remedies :

1.Wash new clothes before wearing

2.Chant Lord Buddha mantras to appease Mercury

3.Keeping parrots is a way to calm Mercury

4.Feed cows daily before you eat.

5.Provide feathered creatures soaked green gram to empower Mercury

6.Always keep good oral hygiene. It’s advisable to clean your teeth and tongue twice a day.


Lal Kitab Remedies :

1.Contribute milk and rice to a religious place

2.It’s advisable to completely quit meat and alcohol

3.Drink water from a silver glass to alleviate the negative effects of Mercury

4.Seek the blessings of eunuchs

5.Use a white thread or a silver chain to wear a copper coin.

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Wearing Gemstones and Rudraksh

As part of Budh Dosh Remedies, wearing a ring made from emerald and lead is advisable, through the famous astrologer in India. Make sure to energize a 19 Mukhi Rudraksh and wear it. This Rudraksh also represents Lord Narayana who is the supreme among all the gods.

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