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Destiny vs Free Will – A Reaction to Your Action?

Destiny vs Free Will – A Reaction to Your Action?

You may be perplexed as to why some occurrences occur in our lives. Significant changes in our lives occur frequently and cannot always be avoided,through the eyes of the top astrologer in India. What is the cause of these occurrences? Is it possible that fate trumps free will?


Certain situations are either the result of a single idea or a chain reaction caused by something beyond your control. Destiny vs. free will is a hot question in many spiritual and intellectual circles. Are you in charge of your own fate? Do you also have the ability to choose your own path in life? So many inquiries. Perhaps the answer is simple if we understand the genuine meaning!

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Karma, according to ancient astrology, determines one’s fate. So, what exactly is karma? Simply said, karma is the result of our acts. That is, karma is the account of our previous lives. You must account for both your positive and bad actions! As a result, the issue of destiny vs. free will is hotly contested among academics. Karma is supposed to be the catalyst for our acts. Our activities are the result of our karma. So, how do you define free will in your life?


A Mind’s Struggle is Destiny Vs Will:

If Karma is the source, Our destiny could be predetermined. However, the possibility of free will exists. When an important life event occurs, whether great or negative, you have complete control over how you respond. You might be diagnosed with a chronic illness, for example. Furthermore, you believe it is a disease that you did not deserve. And you have no control over it. Isn’t it a choice between fate and free will? As a result, you’re a member of a well-executed scheme that isn’t yours!


So how do you deal with this fate? With your free will , naturally . You have the authority to choose how you deal with your destiny. Our entire life’s meaning can be understood by a mere recognition of our destiny vs free will.


Karma is a mere choice:

Do not confuse karma as something negative. Karma can be positive too. For instance, you plan to travel on a long journey. Unfortunately, you missed the transport and had to cancel your trip.The missed journey has upset you. Meanwhile the vehicle you were meant to travel in, had met with an accident and its passengers hurt. So could it be destiny or free will? Thus, it can said to be your free will had overcome your destiny. Or perhaps, your destiny is to be never on that vehicle!

Therefore, your karma choose to keep you away from the trip. Now this is the conflict of destiny vs free will.


Karma is in your hands:

According to the popular scientific law, every action has an equal or opposite reaction. Thus, karma can be similar to this theory. You pay for your virtuous as well as your evil deeds through karma or fate.


Holding the Reins to your Fate:

In our lives, fate is an unknown aspect. We are almost always pawns in the hands of fate or an energy beyond our comprehension. What keeps you going then? Indeed, you might be astonished to learn that it is ‘hope’ that keeps us moving forward. We do not stop despite the innumerable curves and falls that are a part of our lives. Because of this hope, we simply march forward.


And, hope is our free will. It is what you choose to be. Thus, we do have some control over our life. Destiny may be a suspense, whereas our response to this mysterious life’s journey is our free will.


Is Destiny vs Free Will a Karma Too?

Your karma is obviously the outcome of your past, according to Hindu religion. As a result, your present existence mirrors your history. Karma has a role in your success or failure. So your intellect, as much as your destiny or free will, influences your decisions. Your traits control your thoughts. Your personality traits are determined by your birth chart. And your horoscope is the ‘payback’ from your previous karma. As a result, you’re trapped in a vicious spiral!

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Every action has a repercussion. It is the foundation of all Hindu traditions. And it is for this reason that we undertake charitable acts and make sacrifices in order to overcome the negative consequences of our past actions, according to the famous astrologer in India. After all, it is your free will that determines your fate!

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