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Effects of the Rahu-Ketu Transit on Your Personal Life

Effects of the Rahu-Ketu Transit on Your Personal Life

According to the famous astrologer in India, the effects these planets will have on various zodiac signs’ emotional and personal lives over the course of the next 18 months.



You’ll experience a change in identity that will enable you to learn new things about yourself. Your relationships with your family will be stronger. Be careful, though, as your foul words and harsh tone can harm those who are close to you. When singles meet new people, a relationship may seem to be in the works. Married couples must make time for one another.



If you want to keep looking good, you’ll have to spend money. Your personality will endear itself to the other sexes, who will talk about it. Married individuals may struggle with interpersonal trust and feel unsatisfied with their personal lives. Due to work obligations, there may be a brief separation. Avoid going to court to resolve problems.



When dealing with pals, your social image will improve and you’ll discover a new feeling of purpose. You’ll feel more enthused about the person if you’re dating them, which will promote closer proximity. Your older siblings will prove to be a source of strength and will maintain the bond between their sense of duty and your personal life. New partners can be found by singles.



You’re a gregarious butterfly with a contagious attitude. You’ll get to know some fresh faces. As a result, singles might find love, and you might meet someone new. Married people will get some excellent news about their professional development, which will help them get closer to their long-term aim.

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Your family appears to be planning a lengthy trip. You might travel to see some of your relatives who live abroad. In relationships, it can be challenging to express your ideas to your significant other, which can lead to unintentional misunderstandings. Be concerned about the health of your parents. Consider your father’s counsel carefully.



You might take a quick excursion with friends or acquaintances. You might be able to see some of your mother’s arguments with you. Due to work-related obligations, you might have to travel and spend a lot of time away from home. To avoid coming out as uninterested in others, try to keep your distance and avoid being too silent, according to the famous astrologer in Kolkata.



Those singles who are anxious to get married will attract several suitors. When attempting to select just one, you could become confused. You and your spouse might spend a lot of time travelling. You won’t share your views with anyone, even if they are close to you. In personal life, a detached attitude will predominate.



Those who are dedicated may, albeit briefly, become confused and lose interest in one another. Before making any significant decisions, you are encouraged to consult your loved ones. It will be a fascinating voyage because single people will experience blushing and crushes.



Those who have previously struggled with family and relationship issues may see some relief. People who are interested in dating should take advantage of this time. You’ll experience deeper love and passion for one another. Singles have a fair probability of establishing a committed relationship. Allow yourself to have more faith in other people.



You’ll indulge in lavish home décor and furniture. Your relationships with your family, friends, and elder siblings will be positive. You won’t have much time for socialising because you’ll spend much of your time working or attempting to learn new things on your own.



Because of your newfound independence, Aquarius, you’ll take a trip and hang out with your friends. You must exercise caution when conversing with your siblings, though, as your abrasive language and confrontational behaviour run the risk of causing a gap in the relationship. Your grandparents’ health could be in danger.

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This is a good time of year to venture out and meet new people, so arrange trips with your friends. It’s possible that your mother and you don’t get along well. As long as both of you continue to be supportive of one another, you and your spouse will enjoy a good marriage, through the eyes of the best astrologer in India.

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