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Fundamental Differences between Sun and Moon Signs

Fundamental Differences between Sun and Moon Signs

Astrology whether western or Vedic cannot work without sun and moon signs.However, because of the sign they follow, there is a significant structural difference between the two. The sun sign is used in Western astrology, while the moon sign is used in Vedic astrology, according to the best astrologer in India. As a result, the interpretations of the two most generally used astrological formats will differ significantly. Let’s look at why.


What is Moon Sign?

The constellation on which the moon shone brightest at the moment of your birth is known as your moon sign. If the moon was in the Gemini constellation when you touched the earth’s surface, for example, Gemini would be your moon sign. The moon sign reveals information about a person’s mental structure. It draws attention to your emotions and sentiments. Because the moon moves around the earth every two and a half days, its sign changes every two and a half days.

As a result, it is in a different zodiac sign every two and a half years. Unlike western astrology, Vedic astrology considers planetary aspects and conjunctions, as well as moon degrees, for the best results. Because the moon also signifies mother, its position can reveal a lot about your connection with your mother.

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What Are Sun Signs?

Sun sign refers to the zodiac sign that the sun was standing at the time of your birth. There are 12 constellations forming a band around the earth. The one sign on which the sun was directly shining at the time of your birth becomes your zodiac or sun sign. It changes every 30 days.  Each sun sign is further ruled by a planet, which influences your personality and traits.For example, Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury and are known for their intellect, curiosity and analytical properties. Aries is governed by Mars is attracted to challenge and excitement.


Differences Between Moon And Sun Sign:

There are times when a Gemini person might not feel connected to the twins’ sign. Instead, like a Cancer moon, they are emotional, family-oriented, and irritable at the drop of a hat when moody. You may be born as an introverted, mysterious Scorpio, yet you will fall in love with adventure, spontaneity, bluntness, and calling a spade a spade. In other words, you have more Aries moon than Scorpio sun sign.


The basic reason for this is that there is a wide difference between sun and moon signs. Firstly, the sun takes care of your basic personality, character, ego, and will. It gives the knowledge of your identity. While, the moon governs your subconscious, emotions and instinctive responses to the world around us.


Secondly, knowing your sun sign requires knowing your date of birth, whereas knowing your moon sign requires knowing your date, year, time, and place of birth.


Thirdly, because it takes the sun 12 months to cover all 12 star signs, astrological forecasts are only valid for one month. The moon, on the other hand, moves faster and only stays in one sign for two and a half days.


Fourthly, the sun sign provides you a general overview of a person, whereas the moon sign gives you detailed information on your inner workings and untapped potential.


Further Reasons:

Fifthly, Knowing your moon sign would require the assistance of an astrologer. Only with experienced assistance can you gather the necessary information and calculate on that premise. Finding your sun sign is the most straightforward task on the planet. You determine your sun sign by matching your birth date to the time span covered by each zodiac sign.


Sixthly, western astrology considers the sun sign while Hindu Vedic astrology follows the moon sign.

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Seventhly, Because the moon governs your feelings and emotions, your solar sign alone cannot provide a complete picture of yourself. If you don’t know your moon sign, you’ll be missing out on a significant amount of knowledge that explains “why you are, what you are.”


Ninthly, the moon does not stay in a zodiac sign for a fixed period of time. While, while the sun stays in a zodiac for a 30 day period.


However, according to the famous astrologer in India ,it is preferable to view a person through both the sun and moon signs because this will provide the most accurate picture of the individual. Under a Scorpian moon, for example, revolutionary and unpredictable Aquarians can turn spiritual and subservient. If Taurus has a Capricorn moon, this pleasure-loving, dependable sign might display features of discipline, willpower, and structure.

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