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How Can Astrology Treat Medical Issues?

How Can Astrology Treat Medical Issues?

When a patient has a chronic ailment and no amount of treatment is helping, the patient seeks the counsel of an astrologer. When the patient is really frail, the well-wishers of the patient arrive to inquire about his or her health, according to the best astrologer in India.


  1. What should health be like?

If one wants to be happy, healthy, and successful, they cannot overlook their health. A person’s health problems eventually disrupt the cycle of life as a whole. If one is not healthy, they cannot study, work, or even earn to their full potential. We should all be concentrating on our health if we want to survive in this cutthroat society.

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We all need to take additional care of our health in light of the current pollution, workload, contaminated and fake food, pesticides, and junk eating habits. Vedic astrology for medical purposes gives one the power to guarantee that their health is always at its best, through the best astrologer in Kolkata.


  1. How do the second, sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses relate to health concerns?

Health problems are frequently indicated by the horoscope’s second, sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses. The native will experience health issues if any of them are under the influence of malefic planets, and they may also experience linked medical issues if any planet placed in those homes is weak or debilitated.


It is certain that one will have the deficiency from the time the significators jointly work if the sub lord of the 12th cusp is in 6, the house of disease, and if the sub lord is in the constellation of the planet occupying or owning 6, 8, or 12. One is afflicted with illness or in risk of being admitted to the hospital if the sub lord of the ascendant is in the significator of the numbers 6, 8, or 12.


  1. Created the list below, which includes the planets’ corresponding organs, body parts, and health issues.

Sun: Vitality, joint, sinus, migraine, high temperature, right eye of a man, left eye of a woman, stomach, heart, head, back, etc.


Moon: Lungs, blood, bodily fluids, the brain, a woman’s right eye and a man’s left eye, insomnia, and asthma. Saturn-aligned symptoms include dry cough, diabetes, vomiting, and more.


Mars: Blood, red blood cells, thalassemia, nose, gallbladder, bile, bone marrow, etc.

Legs, bones, muscles, teeth, hair, physical weakness, joint pain, arthritis, digestive issues, etc. are all related to Saturn.


Rahu: Rahu is the planet of cancer, breathing difficulties, ulcers, cataracts, and other health issues.


Ketu:  Ketu is the planet of the abdomen, or “karaka.” Additionally, it is to blame for insect bite wounds and decaying flesh.

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  1. How can astrology treat medical issues?

Savour a glass of silver water. If Jupiter in your horoscope is weak, you may experience issues with your liver, jaundice, obesity, cancer, and diabetes through the best vedic astrologer in India.

Flow while dealing with such issues.

Before wearing new clothes, wash them.

Give milk and rice to temples.

Avoid combining meat and alcohol.

Feed the cows before eating.

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