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How to Have a Sustainable Wedding by the Famous Astrologer in Kolkata

How to Have a Sustainable Wedding by the Famous Astrologer in Kolkata

Weddings, within the world we have a tendency to live in, have taken a revolution and fortunately, they’re not a lot with reference to glamorous sarees, music and much food. Frankly, with the culture shift and booming of recent ideas like sustainable Wedding in Republic of India, the lesser the food the higher is that the go-to mantra, same as the famous astrologer in Kolkata.


Anyways, returning to a sustainable wedding as a subject, the COVID-19 pandemic, despite being a foul omen, has bestowed upon us many favours too. It’s the explanation to own a restricted audience wedding, that might either be a destination wedding or a traditional wedding in the backyard.

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About destination weddings, people have the misunderstanding that they price a bomb. Honestly, if you call the entire community to the fantastic mountains of India to witness your day, then first off, you may need to prepare the commute for them, and second, nobody is backing down from coming back as a result of who wouldn’t wish to lay eyes on those mountains or beaches and dance on London.


Talking regarding destination weddings, here are a number of the foremost common destination wedding locations in India:




Jim Corbett



Andaman and Nicobar Island






And anything you will tell us within the comment section below.


Your feet should be drooling, right? These places, because the name suggests, square measure a number of the toured places within the country. And slowly and steadily, they’re additionally rising as destinations for weddings in India. However, amidst the boom in celebrities, the ecology of those places have taken a beating.


Thus, it’s high time for us to opt for property that ensures any place you propose to tie the knot at isn’t affected environmentally. And this write-up can tell you ways to create any wedding property this wedding season.


Being with sustainable Wedding Cards:

The first and foremost issue to plan out could be a sustainable wedding card. Here, the best choice can be a paper seed wedding card. A paper seed wedding card, for those unaware, contains a plant seed in them. These cards, if thrown away, can eventually sprout into a plant.


Also, if you’re high on a budget or a minimum of good with tools, you can have yourself wedding cards made of wood. you’ll be able to additionally merely send a small plant pot with a textile tied around it, which is able to have the main points of the marriage, and is washable.


Decor, use bamboo and flowers:

Using in-season flowers for interior decoration, particularly if you’re coming up with a destination wedding amidst the hills, has two benefits. Firstly, they appear eye-pleasing and second, they’re the supply of financial gain for locals within the region.


You can additionally use low-cost, natural yet property merchandise like tree barks, bamboo, etc. for decoration functions.

Moreover, the flowers are chosen as per your zodiac sign too. Consult an astrologer to search out what’s your lucky flower as per the zodiac sign and check out to include them within the decor.


Use live plants vs cut flowers:

Live plants are those that will or may not have flowers however stay within the pot. rather than having a single-use floral arrangement, you’ll be able to re-use the potted plants in your home or simply present them to a worthy cause once the massive day.


Go ancient with packing:

Weddings square measure synonymous with ample packing. and other people sometimes have a habit of packing their belongings in poly baggage that must modification. For the property cause, no matter what you propose to use is best packed in wood baskets, jute baggage or cardboard boxes. Also, once buying things like drawn butter or any packed material, try and get one that isn’t packed in plastic containers.

You can take loose merchandise and for ritual functions, will store them in metal vessels like Tamba that, our astrologers counsel, is extremely auspicious.


Say no to food wastage:

India has been stratified 94th out of the 107 countries in terms of hunger. That’s additionally one reason why you would like to avoid wasting food besides doing it for property reasons.


Decorate what’s already on the spot:

A huge tree dominates the mountain below that you’ll be able to have the varmala ceremony. What can be a lot more instagrammable than that? Having an out of doors wedding is the best thanks to reducing the value and use of extra interior decoration things. If your venue contains a redwood, beautify it with unconventional components, or use it as a mandap or a photograph background.


Have a planting ceremony:

As you begin for yourself a sustainable life, why not – they may plant Tulsi and produce a similar back home permanently. Tulsi plant is of nice significance and can bring prosperity to your wedding life.

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Dining table & property:

Dining table might have loads of reusable stuff if you think about it. whereas several eventually opt for flowers because the interior decoration for the board, however, we advise rental the flowers keep intact within the pot for now. Instead, you will use candles and dim the lights to feature the aesthetics. you’ll be able to additionally use herbs or potted plants if you’re therefore keen about flowers.


Also, fruits and vegetables build a pleasant interior decoration, that you’ll be able to additionally munch.Moreover, edible cutlery has emerged as an excellent choice for anyone making an attempt to be property to the core. they’re a small indefinite quantity, a bit pricey though.


Wedding gifts for the guests:

Wedding gifts square measure a compulsion and fortunately, there square measure many property wedding gifts that one might provide the guests. If you’re observing zero-waste choices, then you’ll be able to contemplate home and plant a seed and adult shrubs.


Travel destinations have such a lot to supply in terms of their native culture. One will use these as gifts as they’d be distinctive in their own ways in which.

So, all the parameters are set by the best astrologer in Kolkata to get a sustainable married life.


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