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  1. ARIES

The year 2021 holds many changes, challenges and opportunities for you. This year can be a bit more challenging than the rest of the years. However, if you pay close attention to your moods and reactions to difficulties, you may be able to unlock opportunities that can be beyond your imagination. Keep in mind, we are only talking about the financial aspect. Jupiter will be in the eleventh house of your sun sign, and thus, April to September will be the finest period of time for making financial gains. The situation may dwindle after September for a brief period of time which requires you to be careful. A single step may take you backward in many ways, however, if you remain calm and patient, things will improve by December.



2021, in its entirety, seems a rewarding year for Taurus. You can take risks, in terms of investments and purchases which will keep you motivated. However, it is advised to stay away from quick money or schemes that look alluring. It is advised to do your research and compute your gains before putting your money anywhere. If you pay attention and do your research well, money will not be a problem this year for you. Your mental health will also be stable due to stable finances.


  1. Leo

Rahu, the notorious planet, will be taking rest in your tenth house for the most part of 2021. So, this year can be challenging and full of ups and downs. It is advised to not play much with your money. It would be advised to keep the money in savings or try out safe investments which doesn’t involve high risks. People who are in the Business Sector, are specially advised to play safe.

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  1. Gemini

According to one of the best astrologer in delhi, the year 2021 doesn’t involve heavy risks, losses and profits in terms of finances in the year of natives of Gemini. If you are born between May 22- June 21, you are considered to be a native Gemini. You might be able to see a rise in your income, which means you can invest in safe investments and even the long term ones. If you have been planning to switch careers and start something of your own, this is the year for you.


  1. Cancer

The year might have had a rocky start for you, but, hang in there, the year holds many good opportunities for you. All the good, profitable planets are going to house themselves in your zodiac houses and things will improve soon. The challenges are soon going to diminish and new opportunities will line up at your door. If you have debts piled up in the past, they have good chances of being cleared out. And if you are looking for job opportunities in the government sector, you may be hearing good news soon.


  1. Virgo

The impact of Jupiter seems heavy for virgo natives. It can really boost your financial condition. A steady rise in income or high rate of returns on investments can be expected. The months of March to May can be really beneficial for your returns. It would be advised to keep your investments safe and avoid heavy risks. Overall, 2021 is going to be a good year for virgos.


  1. Libra

With the combination of Jupiter and Saturn, the year 2021 holds financial gains for Libra natives. According to famous astrologers in India, the combination of these two planets are an auspicious sign which will result in lowering the expenditure. Look out for opportunities in the month of March, may, august and July as these months hold many chances for financial gains and profits. Carefully manage your expenses in the month of September as there might be slight chances of over spending and losing money which will hamper your financial stability.

  1. Scorpio

The natives of Scorpio might be hearing good news in the year 2021. If not few great news, you surely would be staying away from bad happenings which in turn is a good indication for all the risk takers. Jupiter rests in the career room of your zodiac, which is the reason for your good luck in the year 2021. If you are looking for new avenues of money, you might face some rejections but stability of income, control over expenditure and few windfall gains here and there might work out for you which is not bad in the face of uncertainty and all the losses people have incurred in the year 2020.


  1. Sagittarius

As a native of Saggitarius, your year seems to be going in a good path. There are few downs but they can be managed with a little carefulness. The lord of wealth, Saturn will be resting in your second house of income which makes the year good for you in terms of financial aspect. Although the predictions are mostly positive, one has to still be mindful of taking high end risks. It would be advised to keep yourself focused on stable areas of income which can lead you to a really better place by the end of this year.


  1. Aquarius

Aquarius natives are known for their financial mind and ease of handling money. The year 2021 holds a mix bag of emotions for them. The assets that you already own might provide you with few great returns however, new purchases might turn out to be a failure. Therefore, it would be advised to stay vigilant and stay focused on your previously owned assets for better gains.


  1. Capricorn

Rise in income, chances of better investment opportunities and stable gains can be seen all over the year for native Capricorns. There might be few losses which can be avoided if consulted timely with an astrologer and small precautions.


  1. Pisces

Pisces again has a mix bag of financial highs and lows in the year 2021. Native Pisces are assumed to be not money minded in general. However, few situations might compel people to look out for money or prevent loss of money.


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