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Kartik Janma Dosha – A dosha Of The Weak Sun

Kartik Janma Dosha – A dosha Of The Weak Sun

The Kartik month spans roughly from the middle of October to the middle of November. The month in question comes before Sankranti. Additionally, this is the time when the Sun moves into Libra. The Sun loses his power in this home. And he has lost his fearlessness. Consequently, a weak time for the Sun. In the horoscope, a weak Sun is bad.


Kartik janma dosha consequently manifests, according to the famous astrologer in Delhi. You can have Kartik dosha if you were born in the Kartik month. Although this dosha is persistent, we can control its effects by following simple cures.

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Kartik Janma Dosha – A Closer Look

A Closer Examine:

Did you arrive during the middles of October and November? The Kartik janma dosha may then exist in your chart. Your good health is reflected in the sun. A powerful Sun hence denotes good health. Additionally, it promotes general wellbeing in numerous ways. We can fend off this dosha’s forces by taking a closer look at it.


We should be aware that this dosha is rather typical. And we must acknowledge that every dosha is a remnant of our previous karma. It has a direct relationship to our previous birth’s good and negative behaviours. So accepting the dosha is the first step.


Understanding its outcome would be a wise decision. Then you easily learn the remedies. The cause and cure are now clear. Moreover, Kartik janma dosha remedies are simple to understand and follow.


If you have Katrik janma dosha, you may experience :

1.May have weak health.

2.Lack of passion.

3.Poor administrative quality in work.

4.Affected relationship with father and father in law.

5.The weak health may affect the relationship.

6.Maybe a rude speaker.


Discover your Cure :

First off, this dosha is caused by malevolent planets in a bad situation. When Rahu, Ketu, and Shani are in the incorrect houses, it sets. Second, the Sun is in a vulnerable position during its transit through the antagonistic sign of Libra.


Additionally, Kartik janma dosha is caused by this movement in the third charana of the krithika nakshatra. It loses influence, nevertheless, if you were born later. Finally, this dosha may also be caused by Mars’s position. There are astrological cures for this dosha. We can learn about and use the cures for happiness.


Some simple remedies for Kartik janma dosha:

1.Praying to Sun God every morning.

2.Bowing low to the Sun.

3.Offering prayers to Sun god on Sundays at the Navagraha.

4.Worshipping Lord Shiva.

5.Helping aged people ( umbrella, walking stick and Bhagavat Gita).

6.Chanting mantras for peace and joy.


Chanting the Surya mantras can be beneficial to you because mantras have great power. Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva may be prayed to and invoked through mantras. You can anticipate the strength and knowledge to deal with problems, even though the mantras and yagnas we perform might not completely remove the effects of Kartik janma dosha.


In actuality, all of the mentioned treatments may lessen the dosha-related illnesses. If you have this dosha, you can find some calm and relief despite difficulties.


Live Happy with Kartik Janma Dosha :

Let us not fear this dosha. Astrology has effective remedies to manage such doshas. For instance, mantras can have great benefits. With charity and prayers, you can greatly reduce the effects of Kartik janma dosha, through the eyes of the best astrologer in World. Further, chanting mantras can activate your chakras. You feel joy and power.

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As a result, you may reach for what you wish. For many, it could be a personal relationship and a good career. And once you have had this success, most of the difficulties may look simple to you. You gain the wisdom to deal with problems. By practising these remedies, the effects of this dosha can be easily reduced. And living with a weak Sun may be easy after all!

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