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Kemadruma Yoga or Dosha: Significance and Its Effects on Human Life

Kemadruma Yoga or Dosha: Significance and Its Effects on Human Life

According to the best astrologer in India, in astrology, the fate of a person is analysed through the auspicious and inauspicious yogas formed in his horoscope. The Moon is the most influential planet on earth. It has a direct impact on a person’s mind and culture. That’s why yoga formed by the moon is so important. Moon yoga combinations are formed in a horoscope which gives out specific results. These Yogas are mostly felt on an emotional plane.


Lunar Yogas give the person good mental strength and a happy mind. Even though the Moon is a mild planet, the role of the Moon in human life and in a horoscope is very important. Since a person’s mind and thought processes dictate the primary character, the Moon plays a crucial role in a person’s free will, decisions, actions, and activities. This, in turn, defines the person’s destiny.


There are 5 types of auspicious yogas made from the moon – Anpha, Sunafaa, Durdhara, Chandra-Mangal yoga and Aadhi yoga and there is also an inauspicious Yoga form named Kemadruma Yoga. If there is Kemadruma yoga in the horoscope, then much auspicious yoga becomes ineffective. Those people get emotional pain and poverty throughout their life.

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How is Kemdruma Yoga formed in the horoscope?

According to various classics of Vedic astrology, this yoga is termed as lonely moon yoga. When the 2nd and 12th houses from the Moon stay vacant with no planet and no planets in any Kendra Houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th from Lagna), then Kemadruma Yoga is formed. Even when the Sun is present in any of these houses; this yoga becomes active as the Sun is not counted as a planet for this yoga.


Effects of Kemadruma Yoga:

The Lonely Moon is not the primary reason why this yoga became so fearful, the actual reason is empty Kendra houses (empty 12 & 2nd house from Moon) in the horoscope. Kendra houses basically perform as the main four pillars of the human life activities of this world. When the person faces the challenges, hurdles & struggles in every prime 6 yoga.

It is very common to understand that any one particular aspect of their life will face the highest aspect, maybe in the education field or on marriage grounds. Maybe their education remained incomplete or they became unmarried for their whole life.


Moon is considered to be very important in Vedic astrology. Thus, when no planet is present anywhere close to the moon, nothing good is added to their life. There may be lots of ups and downs in their lives; lots of confusion also arises in their lives, predicted by the best astrologer in India. Their decision-making abilities deteriorate and due to wrong decisions, all that they acquired in their lives lose.


This dosh brings extreme financial difficulties, so be careful in money matters. They have an inclination towards immoral and unethical activities. The sense of right and wrong will not come easily to them due to this yoga.


They always want to be left alone. In fact, their loved ones may themselves opt to stay away from them. This isolation could make them the victim of an overactive imagination and take them away from reality. The moon is related to their mind which will hesitate continuously and most of the time they have no control over it. Thus, during Kemadruma dosh, their flattering mind will overrule logic & reason directionless.


As an effect of this dosha, a person can finally fall mentally ill. Along with this, the fear of unknown reasons haunts them. That’s why Kemdruma Yoga has been called a symbol of bad luck by many scholars of astrology.


When does Kemdruma Dosha dissolve?

The following are the main yogas that dissolve Kemdrum Yoga –


There should be a full vision of Mercury or Jupiter on the Moon or there should be a position or vision of Mercury or Jupiter in the Ascendant.

There should be a relationship of change in attitude between the Moon and Jupiter.

Moon – The lord of the occupied sign should be aspecting the Moon.

The lord of the moon-dominant sign should be situated in the ascendant.

The lord of the Moon-occupied zodiac should be aspected by the Guru.

Moon – The owner of the dominant zodiac sign is making a relationship with the moon.

The lord of the Moon-dominant zodiac sign is forming an alliance or aspect relationship with Lagnesh, the fifth lord, seventh lord or ninth lord.

Lagnesh, Panchamesh, Saptamesh and Navamesh, at least any two Bhavesh’s alliance or vision relationship is being formed.

Lagnesh should be in auspicious condition by being aspected by Mercury or Guru.

Moon should be in an auspicious position in the centre by being self-significant or exalted.

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Remedies to avoid Kemadruma Yoga:

Keep fast on Monday. Along with this, do Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva.

Donate white things like curd, milk, rice etc to lord Shiva to earn good deeds and reduce the bad impact of Kemadrum dosh.

Light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree every Saturday evening.

Wear a silver bangle in your hand on Monday.

In auspicious times, install Kanakdhara Yantra in the place of worship and recite Kanakdhara source daily, according to the best astrologer in World.

Keep fast on Ekadashi.

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