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Know about Sagittarius before Getting Attached

Know about Sagittarius before Getting Attached

If you’re in love with Sagittarius and expecting from him or her commitment and devotion then your expectations won’t be completed. Sagittarius natives find love as the medium to fulfill their romantic desire according to the famous astrologer in kolkata.


The ninth astrological sign of zodiac is Sagittarius. It’s the zodiac sign of those who are born between november 23 to december 22. Jupiter is the ruler planet of Sagittarius that affects their behavior and direction in life, said the best astrologers of kolkata.


There are several positive and negative traits that outline the character of Sagittarius. They strongly commend independence but as a lover, they’re not the right selection. Although, you’ll be able to believe in them as they are honest and truthful. they will become aggressive very easily. Their all these characteristics help them in shining their future in the field of teaching and philosophy. you’ll be able to learn organizing skills, best from your Sagittarius friend. They show experience in dealing with any kind of project as they believe reaching the end point by completing step by step method.

Sagittarius Characteristics:

Sagittarius continually needs to measure independent life. it’s their positive characteristic that helps them in all spheres of life. As a lover, they’re good for themselves but they do not prove devoted to their partner. Love is simply a romantic venture for them and that they prefer to take forward their love life without any strong inclination towards commitment.


The other positive traits for astrology Sagittarius are their organized behavior, honesty and sincerity. they’re extroverts in nature and like to meet with people. they’re talented with higher levels of intellect and spirituality.


Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius tends to measure happy married life if they select Aries, Gemini and Leo as their partner. Sagittarius Compatibility level remains high with natives of those zodiac signs . According to astrology Sagittarius, if the zodiac sign of both the partners is the same then also marriage life is going to be joyful.


Lucky things for Sagittarius

White, Green, Orange, light-weight Blue and Cream area unit considered lucky colours for Sagittarius natives. 6, 5, three and eight area unit lucky numbers for them. If they carry Emerald then their life can be additionally happy and that they can cross each hurdle with ease.


Ruler Planet of Sagittarius

Jupiter is that ruler planet of Sagittarius that rules the actions of Sagittarians in each sphere of life. Jupiter is the reason behind the bound developed characteristics in Sagittarius.

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Sagittarius Career

The advanced intelligence level of Sagittarius native helps them in becoming skilled teachers. Their future is also bright within the field of philosophy.

Astrology Sagittarius 2021:

Astrology Sagittarius 2021 indicating towards happy moments in life. If you are career conscious then you must not stop putting your efforts for the expansion of your career, suggested by the best astrologer in kolkata. From the family perspective, it’s recommended that you try to overcome form aggression whenever you’ve got to confront negative conditions. So, for domestic harmony, deal calmly with conflicts. Last year, you were loaded by plenty of responsibility. So, this year, try to relax your mind and body to ensure your good health.


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