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Know How Your Life Will Be Affected by Mercury’s Transit Through Sagittarius

Know How Your Life Will Be Affected by Mercury’s Transit Through Sagittarius

According to the top astrologer in India, the solar system’s closest planet to the Sun is Mercury. Mercury is also known as the planet of intellect and rhetoric. The outcomes of weak Mercury are determined by the planets in conjunction.


In contrast, a person with a strong Mercury sign is more inclined to engage in intellectual and mathematical pursuits and makes a good manager, merchandiser, chemist, writer, poet, and philosopher. Brain illnesses, mental illness, tongue infections, illiteracy, roughness, lack of memory, and a lack of courage are all symptoms of a weak and degraded Mercury.


Aries: Mercury will go through the 9th house from your sign for Aries natives. Mercury will produce positive outcomes in financial concerns and endeavours because it is positioned in the ninth house, the Sagittarius sign, and aspects of the Tritiyesa. Additionally, you’ll work rapidly to complete any commission or brokerage-related responsibilities. Additionally, you will receive a promotion and new career opportunities. Loan and credit-related issues will be resolved with ease.


Taurus: Mercury will go through the sign of Sagittarius, the house of money, the seventh house for Taurus natives, and the fifth house in the Kendra, which is a friendly house. Additionally, Mercury will aspect itself from the 8th house, although this transit will be advantageous. As a result, you will unexpectedly become wealthy or receive a share of inherited property. However, you might also have to deal with issues involving your kids.

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Gemini: Mercury will move through the Sagittarius sign, the Kendra, and the seventh house from the house of bliss for Gemini inhabitants. You will successfully finish your key chores as a result. You should benefit from this Mercury transit if you own a business. It will boost your company’s revenue and even deepen your relationship with your significant other. You’ll also purchase a car, a piece of property, etc.


Cancer: Mercury will move through the sign of Sagittarius and the sixth house from Cancer natives. As a result, you could get skin and digestive disorders. But your employment will become stable. Expect some positive news if you’re looking for a job overseas or in another country. Additionally, you will earn greatly.


Leo: Mercury will go through the Sagittarius sign, the 4th house from the riches house, and the 7th house from the gains house for Leo natives. Additionally, it will aspect the gains house from the second house, which represents education. You will benefit financially from this Mercury transit. Gains from your friends, family, and higher authorities are also advised.


Virgo: This Mercury transit will be positive and tranquil for people born under the sign of Virgo. You will benefit from it both physically and mentally. Now, issues with your car, your property, etc. will be resolved. Additionally, now is a good time to invest in fresh assets. Additionally, the seventh part of the business will result in an increase in your company’s profits, as predicted by the Best Astrologer in India.


Libra: Mercury will go through the third house from your sign and into the sign of Sagittarius for Libra natives. The clouds of mental discomfort will consequently dissipate now. You will also be able to get your debts paid back. A rise in your income and both short- and long-distance travel are anticipated. Additionally, this time frame is suitable for business trips and international travel.


Scorpio: Mercury will move through Sagittarius and the second house from Scorpio natives. As a result, this will turn out to be a positive time. Increased family income and a pleasant home environment are also predicted. Also helpful will be your friends and elders. Natives in the salaried class will also see a boost in pay.


Sagittarius: Mercury will be travelling in Sagittarius for inhabitants of that sign, making him Lord of the Saptmesh and Karmesh. As a result, Sagittarius compatibility predicts that your company’s earnings will rise. Your business and personal companion will be very encouraging. With your partner, any issues or misunderstandings will be resolved.


Capricorn:Mercury will go through the 12th house from your sign for Capricorn natives. As a result, it will take over as Lord of the 6th and 9th houses. Mercury will also aspect the dwelling associated with the job. Therefore, now will be a good time to look for and accept a job abroad. However, you must exercise caution around your coworkers because they can turn against you and undermine your efforts.

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Aquarius: Mercury’s transit through the Sagittarius sign will be advantageous for Aquarius locals because it makes Mercury the Lord of the 5th and 8th houses. Furthermore, at this favourable time, your revenue will rise. Your children’s issues will now be fixed. Your children may also have some positive news to share. In addition, you can end up in a romantic connection.


Pisces: Mercury will become the Lord of the 4th and the 7th houses for Pisces natives when it transits in the 10th house from your sign. As a result, you are probably going to buy a house, some land, or a car, according to the top astrologer in Kolkata. Additionally, throughout this time you might also obtain any high-level degree and form new relationships. Additionally, you will receive public honours.

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