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Mars is Currently in Capricorn

Mars is Currently in Capricorn

According to the best astrologer in Kolkata, Mars is transiting in Capricorn at precisely the right time for us to use our sharp focus and quick thinking to finish our unfinished business. Relationships in your personal and professional life will undergo significant adjustment.


You’ll take the initiative and possess the fortitude to exert the necessary work so that these adjustments advance your career and personal development. Every transit advance through its territory with a certain number of obstacles, but Jupiter and Mars’ company will give you the knowledge to work on your goals by taking the first resolute step.



Your professional life will benefit from your efforts and hard work during this transit, which will reward you with a good reputation and fame at work. With your perseverance, you will overcome every obstacle in the workplace, but your financial success won’t satisfy you. With a romantic trip planned, your personal relationships will be wonderful, filled with understanding and deep connection.

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Mars’s passage in your ninth house of luck, fortune, and spirituality will benefit your financial situation, social standing, and career prospects. During this transit, your career endeavours will be lucrative with great distance travel, but they will also provide a number of hurdles that you must face.



Mars’s transit into your eighth house, which represents obstacles in your professional life and disputes in your personal life, will cause issues and troubles in your life, but financial stability will be good. Career possibilities will be difficult to pursue since they need both physical and mental fortitude, and because any neglect could result in legal issues and career setbacks.



The Mars transit in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships will improve your personal relationships by deepening your bonds and enhancing your comprehension of one another. Additionally, your professional front will bring the confrontation to your door. In order to avoid any form of verbal conflict with coworkers, care is required. Avoid being domineering in your relationships since you need to keep the peace at work and exercise prudence in your personal interactions.



Mars will initially put back career endeavours in your sixth house of debt, adversaries, and disease, but with your earnest efforts, your career will recover. Your supervisors will recognise your efforts, and you can defeat your competitors in the workplace with your shrewd leadership. Your lover, friends, and family will all experience very positive changes in your personal relationships.



A typical developing professional period will result from Mars’ transit through your fifth house of romance, children, and speculation. During this time, problems must be overcome with perseverance and effort on the career front, predicted by the famous astrologer in Kolkata. Maintaining positive relationships with your co-workers and supervisors, as well as keeping your commitments on time, are encouraged in order to prevent delays in your promotion or pay rise.



The instability in your personal relationships will result from less collaboration for mutual harmony and understanding with your partner or spouse as a result of Mars’ transit through your fourth house of mother, property, vehicles, domestic peace, and prosperity. Conflicts between family members, friends, and other relatives, including children, may even surface as a result of this travel.



The transit of Mars in your third house of siblings, courage, initiative, and brief travel will bring all the opportunity you need for job advancement as an employee or entrepreneur, but you won’t be able to achieve all of your professional goals without putting in a lot of effort and hard work. Promote quick trips that will benefit your career gains rather than making hasty decisions that could lead to setbacks in your career.



Mars’s passage in your second house of relationships, money, speech, and family will have a mixed impact on both personal and professional endeavours. The advancement of your career will be aided by positive steps and advantages from MNCs or international corporations, both financially and professionally. If you’re not careful, professional rivalry will keep you on your toes and could lead to career delusions.



All parts of your life that are related to yourself will be awakened due to Mars’ transit through your first house of self and personality. It will therefore deliver a mixed bag of success in all of your endeavours and a positive outlook. There will be some minor relapses of anger in your attitude and gestures during this transit, but you should attempt to maintain a peaceful disposition when interacting with other people.

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You are recommended to use prudence in all areas of your life because the transit of Mars will be in your 12th house of expense, loss of health, foreign travel/settlement, and salvation. It will be advantageous if you put in a lot of effort while concentrating on your professional obligations because your job chances will take a hit if you notice a shift in the professional attitude of your superiors or coworkers.



Mars is currently transiting through your 11th house of income, gains, and want fulfilment, which will usher in the long-awaited beneficial developments for you. Your health will be excellent, and you will enjoy socialising with friends and going out to parties with your partner and loved ones, through the eyes of the best astrologer in Kolkata. Overall, your relationships and personal front show good domestic and personal joy.

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