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Mercury is Currently in Pisces According to Best Astrologer in Mumbai

Mercury is Currently in Pisces According to Best Astrologer in Mumbai

According to the best astrologer in Mumbai, the natural twelfth house of the zodiac is represented by Pisces. Because Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, it possesses both of Jupiter’s attributes.


Pisces is a water sign, but unlike the other water signs of the zodiac, it signifies the deepest, darkest ocean water. It stands for tranquilly, chastity, seclusion, and locations that are inaccessible to average people.



Mercury oversees the third and sixth houses for Aries natives, and it will transit in your twelfth house, which is symbolic of foreign countries, isolation homes, hospitals, expenditures, and multinational corporations (MNCs). Therefore, dear Aries residents, you are encouraged to think carefully before speaking during Mercury Transit in Pisces as you may get into difficulties or even receive criticism for it.


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For Taurus natives, Mercury rules the second and fifth houses, while this transit is occurring in the eleventh house. The eleventh house is associated with desire, financial success, older siblings, and the paternal uncle. Since both of your financial houses are being impacted by Mercury’s transit through Pisces, dear Taurus natives, this debilitation of Mercury, who is the second lord in the eleventh house, is not good for your finances. Instead, keep an eye on your spending, keep your savings in a secure place, and refrain from making any new investments.



Mercury is the Lagna and fourth house lord for Gemini natives, and it is currently transiting through your tenth house of employment and career. Dear Gemini native, as a result of your Lagna lord becoming deficient in the tenth house, you must first maintain a positive outlook, take good care of your health, avoid becoming overly possessive, and avoid becoming so preoccupied with work that you neglect your happiness at home, the happiness of your family, and yourself.



Mercury rules the third and twelfth houses for Cancer residents and is currently performing a transit through the ninth house, which is the home of luck, Dharma, Father, long-distance travel, and pilgrimage. Dear Cancer natives, the twelfth house lord’s transit into the ninth house will force you to go large distances or undertake pilgrimages, but because it is also depleting, those excursions may be difficult and fruitless.



For Leo locals, the second and eleventh financial houses are both ruled by Leo Mercury. Mercury is currently travelling through your ninth house. The residence of longevity, unforeseen events, and concealment. Mercury’s position is also not regarded as fortunate, particularly for people who are Leo natives. Mercury, the planet in charge of managing your finances, will be moving into the ninth house during this transit, which may not be advantageous for you financially and cause you to second-guess previous investments.



Dear Virgos, your tenth and ascendant lord Mercury will transit through the seventh house of life partners and business partnerships while becoming drained. Your health, career, and marriage may all suffer during Mercury’s transit through Pisces, so this time period may be a little challenging for you in all areas of your life, predicted by the best astrologer in Mumbai.



For those born in the sign of Libra Mercury is transiting in the sixth house of foes, health, competition, and maternal uncle. Mercury rules the twelfth and ninth houses. First and foremost, you should be concerned about your father’s health because he might experience some problems due to Mercury transiting Pisces. Therefore, have all of his medical exams done.



Mercury is currently travelling through the fifth house, which stands for your education, romantic relationships, children, and speculation for Scorpio natives. Mercury also rules your eleventh and eighth houses. In order to increase your productivity, you may have a strong desire to spend money in speculative ventures or the stock market due to this transit.



Since your fourth house governs your mother, domestic life, home, vehicle, and property, Mercury, the lord of the seventh and tenth houses, is currently travelling there. Therefore, during Mercury Transit in Pisces, your home’s atmosphere may be affected and home gadgets may become harmed.


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Mercury rules the sixth and ninth houses for Capricorn natives and is currently transiting the third house, which rules your siblings, interests, local travel, and communication abilities. Additionally, Mercury, the natural Karka of communication, is currently becoming depleted in the third house, which may be quite bad for the native.




Mercury rules the fifth and eighth houses for Aquarius natives, and it is currently transiting the second house of speech, savings, and family. Since Mercury rules communication and is currently transiting this sign while weakening, Aquarius natives may have trouble communicating and their words may be misunderstood, leading to misunderstandings with close family members.



For Natives of Pisces the lord of the fourth and seventh houses, Mercury, is currently travelling through your Lagna. In general, having Mercury in the first house gives a person a very bright, business-oriented, and clever personality—qualities that are necessary in the business world—and having Mercury become afflicted will increase your cunning, through the eyes of the best astrologer in World.

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