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Mercury’s Position in Each ofthe 12 Houses

Mercury’s Position in Each ofthe 12 Houses

According to the famous astrologer in India, mercury’s presence in the sixth House, which is ruled by Virgo, may result in favourable outcomes. The effects of Mercury’s placement in the first, second, fourth, fifth, and seventh houses may be comparable as well. You could experience unfavourable results if Mercury is situated in the third, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth houses. Let’s find out where Mercury is located in each residence.


In the First House, Mercury:

People that are native to this combination are eager to learn new things. You’ll be skilled at deciphering difficult situations or mysteries. It might have a favourable impact on your thoughts and ideas. Thus, you might develop intelligence and quick learning skills. You might have a good memory.

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In the Second House, Mercury:

Wealth and prosperity are connected to the second house. If Mercury is present, you could exert significant control over your financial situation. There are many opportunities to make money. You are probably going to pick a job as a manager, advisor, or teacher based on your birthplace.


In the Third House, Mercury:

People with Mercury in the third house are skilled at persuasion. You might also give them the incorrect information. You would be preoccupied with business travel. Here, Mercury’s connections to unfavourable planets might have a negative impact on the life of the locals. Most likely, you’ll be employed by the electronics and communications division.


In the Fourth House, Mercury:

The Moon, who is Mercury’s nemesis, rules the fourth house. This combination might not benefit the native as a result. Your relationship with your mother could suffer as a result of Mercury’s position, or you might engage in heated family disagreements. Your research project is sure to keep you busy.


In the Fifth House, Mercury:

The fifth house is related to wisdom and progeny. Your ability to communicate with people will be strong if Mercury is in this House. Your deeds may have a greater impact than your words. A kid may have an intellectual mind throughout labour if it is born under the elevated sign of Virgo or Gemini.


In the Sixth House, Mercury:

You can become impatient as a result of Mercury’s position. You can have health problems like sadness, anxiety, or mental tension. You could discover that social activities keep you busy. To address the conflicts, you could get into logical arguments. You would have a difficult time finding tranquilly in this situation, through the eyes of the best Astrologer in World.


In the Seventh House, Mercury:

You can squander a lot of time considering your potential spouse if Mercury is placed in the House of Marriage. Finding a life partner with a strong mind and superior thinking skills is also made easier with the aid of this combo. However, if Mercury is afflicted by a bad planet, you can experience problems in your marriage.



In the Eighth House, Mercury:

Mercury and the 8th House may favour you in terms of relationships, career advancement, and financial success. You might not finish your school, but you might discover several ways to get money. Your spiritual life might gradually take shape. You will possess exceptional task or resource management skills.


In the Ninth House, Mercury:

This combination shows that locals and their co-workers are capable of engaging in intellectual discourse. You might have a tendency for spirituality, and you might eventually work as a spiritual speaker. Mercury in the 9th House could support you in finishing your graduate work. You might plan to move overseas or go on a trip abroad.

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In the Tenth House, Mercury:

Mercury’s placement in the House of Career and Profession indicates that you can be a gifted communicator. You might succeed at a greater level while pursuing your career ambitions. You could use your knowledge to accomplish your goals in this process by using it wisely. If you combine these two skills, you might be successful as a speaker or copywriter.


In the Eleventh House, Mercury:

Mercury might make it easier for you to make new friends. You’ll be willing to discuss various points of view with those close to you. You might have a spiritual interest in the future. You could have a good profession in information technology thanks to the positioning of the planet Mercury.


In the Twelfth House, Mercury:

You might learn the proper way to use your words if Mercury is in the 12th House. Your ability to communicate may improve. It would be tough for you to find mental tranquilly if Mercury had an affiliation with this House. You run the risk of hurting yourself and developing long-term health problems because of this positioning. Or you can find yourself in jail for breaking the law, according to the famous astrologer in Kolkata.

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