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Moon Mahadasha – Introduction, Effects and Importance

Moon Mahadasha – Introduction, Effects and Importance

The Moon, of all the planets in the Solar System, is one of the most important. The Moon Mahadasha is the era during which humans experience unique effects. The moon, unlike the other planets, embodies the native’s natural attributes and is regarded as the queen of the planets, according to the famous astrologer in Kolkata. The Moon represents the emotional aspect of those who are affected by it.


Moon Maha Dasha in Brief :

In the lives of humans, this celestial time lasts ten years, during which the location of the moon is extremely important. The location of the moon in the birth chart determines an individual’s life success. This benevolent planet represents imagination and knowledge, as well as mental states such as tranquillity, peace, politeness, and restlessness. It also represents emotional condition, intuitive ability, the intensity of feelings, nourishment, and homely features.

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The indigenous will have vivid dreams and fantasies throughout the Chandra Mahadasha era, as well as an internal voyage into themselves. The native will get spirituality and higher knowledge as a result of the journey.


The Positive Effects of Moon Mahadasha :

When the moon is in a person’s favourable house, it can have extraordinary benefits. The individual will receive monetary rewards during this time. The following are some of the advantages:


1.The mind will be lively and energetic.

2.Acquiring skills in several arts is possible.

3.Happiness and good fortune follows those in authority.

4.Agricultural activities will be fruitful.

5.Acquiring wealth and land is in sight.

6.One will also enjoy the company of young women.

7.Travel is on the cards.

8.One can earn status and fame in society.


It’s worth noting that this stage also brings with it some unexpected financial and travel rewards. Relationships and love affairs will blossom and take on a favourable shape.


The Ill Effects of Moon Mahadasha :

A weak moon sitting in an inauspicious position will invite malefic effects that rob the individual of peace and happiness. These can be:


1.The mind will get dull and restless.

2.It can cause physical ailments and other related health issues.

3.Quarrels and arguments will arise between loved ones.

4.There can be venereal and urinary ailments including gastric problems.

5.The conjunction with Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu makes hell-like experiences.

6.With a malefic planet, the moon creates mental imbalance and suicidal tendencies.


Moon Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha :

Mahadasha of the Moon In Vedic Astrology, the Moon Antardasha is a rare and potent combination. With its own sub-period, the Moon multiplies the effect in the native’s life, integrating the positive and bad parts of the moon’s position. With a specific percentage of obstacles, the amount of goodness is increased. Respect and a presence in social circles will have an impact on professional development.


The native will achieve material achievement and grow his or her wealth. Learning will be enhanced and the individual will become smarter in the company of knowing individuals. A strong desire to work in the creative and artistic domains will lead to great achievement. Individual characteristics of the native will improve, and spiritual qualities will be bestowed upon them. When the Moon’s Antardasha is active, creative, imaginative, and innovative qualities are enhanced.


Remedies for Ill Effects of the Moon :

According to the best astrologer in Kolkata,a weak Chandra Mahadasha can cause hurdles in personal and also in professional aspects.

Here are the remedial measures to follow to reverse the bad effects of Moon Mahadasha:


1.Chant Chandra mantra 108 times daily.

2.Recite Durga Kavach daily.

3.Read Shiva Sahasranam on a daily basis.

4.Wear a silver ring fitted with a 5 carat pearl on Monday.

5.Offer bilwa patra and milk to Lord Shiva every Monday.

6.Perform or get an expert to perform Rudra abhisheka and Maha Mrityunjay Mantra.

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