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Palmistry and Astrology: Connection, Differences, and More!

Palmistry and Astrology: Connection, Differences, and More!

Look closely if you really want to feel the impact of astrology in India. Evidence of it can be found on Indian pavements, inside temples, on posters on the walls, under a Banyan tree, and in textbooks. Palmistry is the most common form of astrology among the general public.


If I had to describe my own experience, palmistry was the first astrological tool that introduced me to the universe’s planets and stars, according to the top astrologer in India. Palmistry and astrology are inextricably linked; neither can exist without the other.

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Definition :

Planets, according to Palmology, have restless energy that spreads during the day in all directions of the universe. As a result, when exposed to the sky, humans absorb a lot of energy. This energy can be beneficial or harmful. If it’s good, it’ll lead to wonderful things; if it’s terrible, it’ll lead to bad things.


A portion of this energy continues to flow out of our bodies. When it flows out, it leaves imprints in the form of lines on our bodies, particularly on the palms, head, and feet. Palmistry is the study of lines on the palm. These lines provide insight into your personality, outlook, and future.


Differences Between Palmistry and Astrology :

Palmistry and astrology are the systems that you use to predict your character, life and future events in your life. Though they have similar work, the tool they are using in the process is different.


Palmistry is the art of reading the lines on the inside of a person’s hand. These are the lines that a palmist utilises to make predictions. The way the lines flow and where they cross gives him a sense of who is seated in front of him. His personality, good and terrible periods, and future prospects. To be effective at it, a person must have undergone training. Astrology, on the other hand, creates a birth chart or horoscope using information such as the date and time of birth. This chart will detail every aspect of your life.


Planets, according to palmistry, release energy. As a result, we absorb it, and when it escapes our bodies, it leaves particular imprints. The study of palm lines is known as palmistry. Astrology, on the other hand, believes in the concept of the planet revolution. They are at different distances from the earth as they orbit around the sun (considered a planet in astrology). Their influence on a person’s birth chart is determined by their distance from the earth. All human people living on Earth’s history, present, and future are determined by this.


Personal interpretations are crucial in palmistry. There are, nevertheless, some fundamental guidelines that all palmists must follow. A line may be seen differently by two palm readers. Astrology, on the other hand, is a perfectly scientific method of making predictions. No one can guarantee that these forecasts will come true 100 percent of the time, but astrology is likely to be more accurate than palmistry. The reason for this is because astrological predictions are based on a large number of computations.


What More?

Palmistry needs you to be in front of the palmist in person. He needs to feel the flow of energy from your body to infer your actions, your mind, and intentions. While astrology only needs the correct date and time of birth. A person sitting in Cambodia can discuss his planets with an astrologer based in India.


Any individual can try reading the palm. They just need to understand some outlined principle and elements of palmistry. While astrology is a vast subject and has lots of permutations and combinations. It is complicated and full of calculations, hence a thorough and deep study can only make you capable enough to read a horoscope.


Connection Between Both :

Palmistry has the advantage of being able to be practised by anyone. You only need to comprehend the fundamental principles of palmistry to get started. The disadvantage is that you can’t guarantee the accuracy of your predictions. As a result, you’ll have to rely on astrology to confirm your findings.

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Both astrology and palmistry place a strong focus on the universe’s five elements. In palmistry, the length of your fingers and the form of your palms define which of the five elements (air, water, earth, fire, and sun) is prominent in your life. A square palm with short fingers, for example, represents the Earth hand, whereas a square palm with long fingers represents the Air hand.


These elements are classified using astrological signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, for example, are astrological signs associated with the earth element. The features of a person with earth elements are described by the characteristics of these signs.


Palmistry And Astrology Which Is More Accurate?

When it comes to accuracy, astrology is more accurate according to astrologers and palmists like Lubomir Tchervenkov, the eminent Russian astrologer who excels in astrology, numerology, and palmistry, through the eyes of the top astrologer in Kolkata.

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