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Question and Answer Session With the Best Astrologer in Delhi

Question and Answer Session With the Best Astrologer in Delhi

Q1. Tell us about your journey till now?

Ans1: I have started my journey in the field of astrology over 20 years back from now. I have studied Vedic astrology thoroughly along with my general education. Astrology is one of those fields where you need an exceptional mentor who is willing to dedicate his/her life for the well being of the student. It becomes the mentor’s goal to make the student achieve the utmost knowledge, that’s why it is also called “Gurumukhi Vidya”. And obviously you should have the devotion towards the subject.

Like everyone, I have started my professional career in small scale. The experience I gathered over the course of years of practice, my thirst for knowledge, ability to adapt new methods, devotion towards astrology and above all the need I feel to do some good for the humanity are the reason behind what little success I have achieved. With your blessings, I would like to continue my work and I feel overwhelmed to get such exemplary honor and rewards in doing so.


Q2. Do you think stars can make any difference? If yes, how?

Ans2: Astrology is mostly the study of stars and their positions. We prepared one’s birth chart according to position of stars and planets on their time of birth and predict his/her course of life according those position and effects. Stars are responsible for ebb and flow of tide and many natural occurrences. Human body is also constructed with earthly materials, and majority of this is various fluids. So, obviously stars effect directly and it can make difference in our life.


Q3. What scope do you see for astrologers in future?

Ans3. Astrology solely depends on the person’s belief. Until that belief exists, astrology will exist too. For any astrologer, if he/she chooses astrology only to make money then they cannot succeed. Astrology needs pure devotion and true dedication for the wellbeing of society. You have to have the thorough knowledge and respect for the subject. So, learn it as deed as possible; respect astrology and be humble towards your clients, in return you will earn respect and what you require to spend a normal, simple life.


Q4. How astrology enhance the beauty and wellness of a person?

Ans4. Astrology gives us the chance to know our probable future events and tell us about the solutions that we require in order to fix these events. It works like a guide. So, if you took consultation from an astrologer and listen to his/her advice, it will definitely help you. As example, you can determine the fields of study where you have the highest chance of success or you can learn about your health in advance. Like, your birth chart showing you might have a kidney problem in future. This knowledge will help you take precaution. That’s how astrology plays the role in enhancing the beauty and wellness of a person.


Q5. How to make life more beautiful with astrology?

Ans5. Astrology is study of calculative probability based on the position of stars in our birth chart. It is always probability, not certain. You have to understand this clearly. Once you know the best cases, be it study, career, health, marriage, financial situation and so on, you can operate more smoothly. Astrology works like exam suggestion papers, instead of covering all chapters with same effort you can prioritize your effort. As well astrological remedies can solve many of our great problems. Those are physical things, outer beauty.

According to best astrologer in delhi, astrology can also help us find a higher spiritual purpose. It can help us in things like, improve concentration, find peace of mind etc. Meditation will help us to activate all our ‘Chakra’s. Thus, astrological study can help us enhance our inner beauty.

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